Why the Billboard

Pornography creates a climate where violence and exploitation of women and children is tacitly encouraged. It helps to drive the demand for sex trafficking and is a major factor in the breakdown of the family. Children are exposed to pornography at younger and younger ages and, as a result, are more at risk of developing unhealthy views of intimacy and sexuality, of being the victim of sexual exploitation, of developing life-long addictions to pornography and many more negative consequences.
Screen Shot 2015-08-21 at 3.00.11 PMWhite Ribbon Against Pornography takes place during the month of October. Catholic Daughters of The Americas Court #2036 – St Mary’s Catholic Church-Bellevue, Nebraska has raised this billboard with the goal of helping area residents understand that pornography and many other forms of exploitation are interconnected challenges. We must seek out justice for victims of this type of sexual exploitation and we must work to prevent this in our homes and lives of our young citizens.
Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court #2036 wants to educate, share resources and show support of those in our area that may be affected or have loved ones affected by pornography. Please share this website with others that may benefit from local, national and online resources as part of the recovery process.
We encourage you to sport a white ribbon on your lapel in support of WRAP 2015.

Abandoned billboard designed by Clint Cline of Design4


Talk to your kids! Ideas and resources here.

Help change corporate policies that facilitate exploitation. Visit our Action Center here.


Resource Center

Local Resources Include:

More online and national resources can be found if you click on the following categories.

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Past Years

This billboard was up during White Ribbon Against Pornography week and for the month of October in 2014.



This billboard was up during White Ribbon Against Pornography week and for the month of October in 2013.

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