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Dirty Dozen 2021

50% of MindGeek (Pornhub’s Parent Company) Revenue Comes from Ads—Help Contact Their Top Advertisers

Did you know that 50% of MindGeek (Pornhub’s parent company) profits come from advertising? MindGeek owns an assortment of products in addition to pornography websites, including a web hosting service, and an online advertising corporation—and it turns out that the popular shopping app Wish and the Italian clothing company Diesel are two of their top advertisers! This means that these…


VICTORY! Instagram taking more steps toward teen safety

We’re thrilled to share that Instagram has continued to adopt recommendations made by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and our #WakeUpInstagram campaign allies to improve the safety of its youngest users: most specifically around direct messaging—a primary tool used by predators for grooming minors.  In October 2020, we reported that Instagram expanded their reporting system and added the option for users to…


“Downvote” Reddit for Rampant Sexploitation

Reddit promotes itself as the “frontpage of the internet,” but unfortunately this extremely popular news aggregation and discussion website is frequently used more as a “backpage”—a forum where sex buyers, traffickers, and other predators anonymously post and view hardcore pornography and non-consensually shared images and videos, promote prostitution, and advise each other on how to…