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dating porn addict

Dating a Porn Addict

Years ago I met a handsome young man, who was an adorable father of a four-year-old son. In a short time, I learned of his painful journey living with a sexual addiction. It had begun quite early in his life, when he had been exposed to pornography and other sexual behaviors through a friend at…


hope for porn addicts

I was addicted. Viewing porn started to affect my “real life” – but there’s hope!

My Testimony It all started for me at a pretty young age. It was all innocent enough. My neighborhood friend found his dad’s stash of Playboys and he showed them to me. Naturally, I didn’t plan on being addicted. However, like all addictions, it started small and snowballed out of control. It started with Playboy,…


“So Many People Are Supporting The Cause” – Elle’s Story

Elle is a grassroots supporter of the movement to defend dignity and to end sexual exploitation. She recently contacted the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to share her story, and how attending  NCOSE’s Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit impacted her activism. Elle’s Story: I wrote a paper about pornography while I was in college,…


10 Inspirational Quotes for the Movement to Defend Dignity

Some days you just need an inspirational quote to motivate your passion to defend dignity, love, and family. Whether it’s a day you are on fire for the movement to end sexual exploitation, or a day when you are discouraged, reflecting on positive and encouraging thoughts always seems to make my day just a little…


“Never Give Up.” A College Student Shares Her Inspirational Story

By Nicole Dailey Sexually abused as a little girl. Behavior issues in elementary school. Anti-social childhood. Constantly fearful and frequently suicidal at age ten. A teenager full of anxiety. Panic attacks first year of college. Nervous breakdown age 19. Hope lost. Can’t handle life. That is my story. But not all of it. Here is…


Vanna White Regrets Appearing on the Cover of Playboy Magazine

The Wheel of Fortune icon, Vanna White, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show recently and confessed that she regrets her 1987 cover on the magazine Playboy. “I wasn’t on there because I wanted to be,” She admitted. “When I moved to Hollywood I was too embarrassed to ask my dad for money for rent. I…


These Five Teenagers Are Working to Eliminate Groping at Concerts

Groping and sexual assaults at concerts is not a new problem. But these five teenagers who created the group Girls Against are finding new and creative solutions. Ages 15 to 17, Hannah, Anna, Anni, Bea, and Ava are best friends from the UK who have decided to take a stand. After hearing about their growing…


A Wife and a Runaway Trafficked into Pornography: The Stories of Naideen and Angel

In honor of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, we are sharing the stories of two survivors who were trafficked into pornography. Watch Here: Naideen called Dawn and told her about how she met an attractive, accomplished, older man who she quickly fell in love with and married. That’s when the fairy tale ending…


Video: This Pediatric Nurse is Taking a Stand Against Rape Culture and Porn

Watch Video Here: Angela is a pediatric nurse from San Antonio Texas who has taken a stand against rape culture and pornography. After learning about the way that many pornographic films encourage child-themed and incest-themed fetishes, she began to realize that porn was shaping rape culture in America today. She immediately took action. She brought…