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Talking Points on Pornography

On International Women’s Day, We Must Address the Role of Pornography in Fostering Inequality

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is #PressForProgress. Individuals and organizations around the world are being encouraged to stay active and avoid complacency because “while we know that gender parity won’t happen overnight, the good news is that across the world women are making positive gains day by day.” A call for mutual…


Utah Recognizes Pornography as Public Health Crisis: Ceremonial Signing with Governor Herbert

Full video of the April 19, 2016 Press Conference and Ceremonial Signing of SCR 9 by Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert recognizing pornography as a public health crisis Background information: Utah is on the cutting edge of addressing the pervasive public health crisis of pornography in America. On April 19th, Utah Governor Gary Herbert completed a…


PRESS RELEASE: Utah Governor Signs Resolution Declaring Pornography a Public Health Crisis

Joint Press Conference with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and State Senator Todd Weiler  Washington, DC – Today, in an official ceremony, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed a resolution declaring pornography a public health crisis. This resolution, which passed unanimously through the Utah State Senate and House of Representatives, was drafted by the National…


The Porn Phenomenon and Why You Should Care – Groundbreaking Research

The numbers are in, and one thing is clear: the phenomenon of porn use poses an unprecedented public health crisis in American society. The groundbreaking new study, “The Porn Phenomenon,”  just released several key findings which underscore the necessity of addressing pornography on a large scale. This survey reports that more than a quarter of young…


This Disturbing Side Effect of Porn Will Make You Reconsider Using It – New Study

We live in a society that places an emphasis on preventing harmful behaviors. Smoking is no longer allowed in most public buildings, and public service announcements warn us about unhealthy diets. From seat belts to drunk driving laws, our society works to reduce the harmful impact of risky acts. Except when it comes to porn. Porn…


Sexual Violence Behind the Scenes: Porn Star Accused of Rape

The porn industry just lost another golden boy. James Deen, a porn actor with “boy next door” charm, has long been a rising star in the porn community. In 2009, Adult Video News named him “Male Performer of the Year.” Esquire has labeled him the “Ryan Gosling of porn,” and Elle praised his support for female sexuality. Even Buzzfeed profiled Deen,…


How Pornography is Ruining Men’s Sex Lives

Today, we live in a world that is centered on technology. Everything is readily available with the click of a button and people are constantly feeding into the latest social media craze. And unfortunately, that craze is often pornographic in nature. Research shows that 12% of all websites are porn-related, 25% of all search engine searches…


Violence: The Newly Accepted Form of Sexual Expression

Porn addiction is a widespread epidemic. As scientists study this phenomenon, their findings continue to confirm the fact that porn use plays a very definite part in attitudinal and behavioral actions in various situations. One of the ways that pornography influences behavior and attitude is the way people respond in a situation of sexual assault….


New Peer-Reviewed Study Affirms the Reality of Porn Addiction

A new peer-reviewed scientific research paper released last week reconfirms the existence of porn addiction.  While recent articles have been in the news that attempted to throw doubt on whether porn use can lead to addiction, superior research has validated the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s position that porn addiction is a real, and arduous, obstacle that…


What the Media Wouldn’t Have You Believe: How Porn Steals Men’s Sex Lives

Pro-porn advocates claim that pornography is good for men because it provides a quick, convenient physical and emotional release. What many people do not know, and what many advertisers would have you be in the dark about, is that pornography use can actually disable men from having real sex with their spouse. Porn takes exactly…