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Dani Pinter, Esq. Harvey Weinstein's conviction of rape in the third degree and criminal sexual assault in the first degree in a New York court is a victory for survivors.
NCOSE The National Center on Sexual Exploitation affirmed the Alabama House of Representatives for voting to recognize pornography as a public health crisis.
Jake Roberson Two tweets about pornography from Cardi B present a miniature crash course in the dangerous, inherently exploitative nature of pornographic material.
NCOSE Senator Josh Hawley’s bill, the “Human Trafficking Research Act of 2020,” would fund research on human trafficking victims in order to help fight the crime.
NCOSE The National Center on Sexual Exploitation applauds TikTok for addressing its concerns about the lack of safety features, which TikTok announced would be added and first be rolled out in the UK and then the U.S.
NCOSE Internships at NCOSE provide highly motivated individuals the opportunity to address issues of sexual abuse and exploitation while gaining new skills.
NCOSE Visa and Mastercard should cease to allow payments to be processed at Pornhub given recent news that sex-trafficked children and adults have been found on the website.
NCOSE The National Center on Sexual Exploitation urged Carnival Corporations to reject porn company, CamSoda’s, offer to give free porn to passengers being quarantined due to the coronavirus.
NCOSE This lack of transparency or accountability when exploiters are reported to TikTok is unacceptable.
NCOSE On Friday, she was sentenced to six years and eight months in prison.
NCOSE In 2020, it is intolerable for anyone to facilitate, profit from, or normalize sexual exploitation—and that’s why the Dirty Dozen List exists.
NCOSE TikTok has been placed on the 2020 Dirty Dozen List due to lack of moderation and insufficient safety controls, which put minors at risk of exposure to sexually graphic content and grooming for abuse.