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NCOSE How porn addiction shaped this young woman's life, and how she recovered.
NCOSE Our brains are what make us who we are. When our brains are changed, we change as well. Pornography impacts the brain and changes who we are.
Lisa L. Thompson It’s important for the NFL to recognize that those who buy people for sex engage in crimes of sexual coercion and violence.
Shametrius Long Exploiters on the Internet have begun using advanced photoshopping technologies to create deeply-accurate fake pornographic videos of women.
Sommer Porter Current college student and mother of 3 boys Stephanie Strawser was working on an essay on slavery for class and did what most students do first: she Googled it.
Sommer Porter A recent devastating news story revealed that the popular gaming app Discord was used as a vehicle to groom and lure at a teenage boy into sex trafficking.
Haley Halverson How can Twitter be a place for “free expression” where “every voice has the power to impact the world" while allowing accounts that post what amounts to sexual slavery advertisements?