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Dani Pinter It is time for the manufacturers of smart devices to acknowledge the dangers and risks their products can pose to children and to make them safer.
Lisa L. Thompson Bill 23-0318 (a.k.a. The Community Safety and Health Amendment Act of 2019) would amend existing D.C. statutes to fully decriminalize prostitution.
Dani Pinter "Mistake of age" defenses incentivize buyers not to ask the age of the person they are purchasing and emboldens them to risk buying sex from minors.
Lisa L. Thompson Centralized DoH will make it harder to identify illegal content normally blocked by ISPs. This could disrupt safety filters and grow online child sex abuse.
NCOSE According to Instagram’s community guidelines, it is perfectly acceptable for a grown man to tell a ten year old girl wearing a leotard to “open your legs.”
Jake Roberson Child sexual abuse images are illegal. Pornography is illegal. Their exploitation is demonstrably and inextricably intertwined. Yet most turn a blind eye.
NCOSE Don’t let the lofty sounding title of this bill fool you.
Haley Halverson We have an exciting update from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation's recent meeting with top executives from Comcast, here in Washington DC.
Sommer Porter After 10,397 emails were sent to Netflix executives about Netflix parental controls, they finally took a step forward!
Abigail Rinard FOSTA targets specific, illegal online activities – not constitutionally protected speech. It was and is a major victory in fighting online sex trafficking.
NCOSE While companies promoting "sugaring" try to project themselves as being another type of dating site, the realities of "sugar dating" are often dangerous.
NCOSE Some of these accounts are linked to Patreon accounts where viewers (which appear to be paedophiles, based on comments) can pay for subscriptions to more content, like underage girls washing the dog in a bikini.