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NCOSE We urge Google to by default turn on SafeSearch for all users, allowing them to turn it off if they want to see such images, or we request that Google fix the algorithm to limit the type and number of pornographic images to populate. 
Sommer Porter This display of obvious grooming, solicitation, and eventual contact is a pattern many exploiters use to lure minors into dangerous, compromising situations
NCOSE “It can be quite a dangerous place for young people."
Jake Roberson Blind Eyes Opened, a documentary film about sex trafficking in America, wants dispel the myth that sex trafficking isn't that big of a problem in the U.S.
Sommer Porter The END Network Abuse Act aims to help end illegal use of the DoD's government network to view, possess, trade, and even produce child pornography.
NCOSE "He was in tears. He said it was disgusting, and he wished he could unsee it," the mother said.
Haley Halverson While there is still more work for Instagram to do, we are encouraged by the result of our meeting!
NCOSE "La Madame," whose real name is Liliana del Carmen Campos Puello, operated by "recruiting" (read: trafficking) vulnerable minors to “service” adult clients.
NCOSE The majority of sugar dating and other similar sex for money ‘mutually beneficial arrangements’ are illegal.
Sommer Porter The popular meme crossed over to the dark side when someone edited a screenshot of the character in such a way as to imply that Baby Yoda was watching porn.
NCOSE We have a public health crisis being fueled by the widespread distribution of hardcore pornography and the DOJ bears a great burden of responsibility for it
NCOSE As soon as John* entered into the digital space, corporations with policies bent towards profits instead of online safety made their damaging impact on him.