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Jake Roberson Lisa L. Thompson There's an increasing amount of advocacy in favor of allowing people to buy sex–not unlike Jeffrey Epstein did–because, they argue, “sex work is real work.”
NCOSE For a company whose motto is “Fly the Friendly Skies,” United Airlines isn't doing much to make those skies safe from sexual exploitation.
NCOSE 12 days of advocacy directed at key Dirty Dozen List targets who we believe will change exploitative policies if motivated by a burst in grassroots action.
Aubrey Pound In one episode of HBO's Euphoria alone, “nearly 30 penises appear on screen."
NCOSE The experience of most young users on these platforms includes exposure to pornography, strangers soliciting sex acts, and relentless sexual harassment.
NCOSE Kids experience predatory targeting, grooming, sex trafficking, pornography and more on platforms like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram. It's time to fix it.
NCOSE Teenagers in high school around the country are taking a more active role in the world, coming up with creative efforts and solutions to decades-old issues.
Dawn Hawkins There is still rampant grooming for sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and child pornography happening on Instagram.
Renae Powers The narrative of the video talks about the way many young people today, especially boys (but increasingly girls, as well), learn about sex, relationships, and how to treat women and girls from pornography.
Renae Powers The ICD-11’s recognition of CSBD as an impulse disorder is a great step forward, as it opens the door to the much-needed data collection and research that could lead to further progress down the road.
NCOSE This law firm is standing up to the Goliath of Massage Envy—a multi-million dollar corporation—in order to bring justice to victims of sexual assault