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NCOSE Mirror is undoubtedly one of the more popular games in this category available. What exactly are these 26,000 and counting people doing when they play Mirror exactly?
NCOSE Tell TikTok to fix their policies and practices to make their app safe - send a tweet to their company and executives!
NCOSE The world of sugar dating has capitalized on the financial struggles of young students. 
NCOSE "It’s just part of the culture that these things aren’t reported."
Jake Roberson The Super Bowl sheds light on the reality that sex trafficking in the U.S. is an epidemic of proportions most Americans have not even begun to comprehend
NCOSE “There’s racism, and all the girls are less human beings and more caricatures of what certain human cliques are supposed to be, but that’s alright..."
NCOSE "Oh no, I was just playing with her. Did she think I was trying to rape her?'”
Haley McNamara (Halverson) Now, after violating federal laws about child privacy, it looks like YouTube may be improving.
NCOSE Unfortunately, this story is not unique.
NCOSE Child sex dolls could increase the likelihood of child abuse by reducing any barriers to committing sexual offenses against children.
NCOSE Email, tweet, and/or call your elected Representative in order to express your support of H.Res. 721 (the "Fix App Ratings" bill) and encourage its passage.
Dawn Hawkins It's 2020 and Delta is still leaving its passengers to fend for themselves when it comes to exposure to sexually-explicit content on Delta flights.