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New Alarming Research about Children

Tweet A new research study from The Internet Watch Foundation and Microsoft was released this week showing that there is a rise in youth-produced child pornography. The study established that 85.9 percent of content depicting children aged 15 or younger was created using a webcam and 93 percent featured girls. While much of the content…



We Changed Our Name!

Morality in Media has decided to begin operating under a new name – National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) – to more effectively carry out our mission to defend dignity and end exploitation. We feel that the new name better exposes the seamless connections between all forms of sexual exploitation – pornography, sex trafficking, sexual violence, child sexual abuse, and others.


New Study: Porn Use Negativly Affects Men’s Sex Lives

Porn use directly impacts real-life sexual experiences for the worse.


Save in our store, help change the world.

Save on our store.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Throughout this year, and especially this Thanksgiving season, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for your support in fighting the harms of pornography and sexual exploitation, in defense of dignity.


Ask McDonald’s and Starbucks to block porn

McDonald’s and Starbucks have already implemented pornography filters in their UK locations, but more than 25,000 locations in the US are unprotected.


Your Feedback Needed

I am sending a list of some of our current needs. We would appreciate your feedback if possible.


WRAP Week Fact: Affects on Relationships and Families

“I do not understand how human beings can be using and denigrating women in one area of their life and claiming to love and cherish a woman in another area of their life.”


WRAP Week Fact: Addiction

Pornography addiction is a condition in which a person becomes overly dependent on sexually explicit materials for their physical and emotional satisfaction. There are many individuals that view pornography regularly, but this does not always lead to addiction.


WRAP Week Fact: Child Pornography

Some users of hardcore adult pornography find that they can no longer find satisfaction and deviate to harder content, often to child pornography, in search for physical satisfaction.


WRAP Week Fact: Links to Sex Trafficking

Survivor Anna Malika spoke in our free online WRAP Week event exposing the links between porn and sex trafficking.


We are Winning the Battle Against Sexual Exploitation

With the American landscape awash in porn, strip clubs, and television indecency, have you ever wondered when we would hit rock bottom? I think we’ve reached the bottom and we are bouncing back now!