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Yahoo News: States, including Florida, tackle a different threat to teens: pornography

As survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting packed the gallery of Florida’s statehouse last month to see how their legislators would vote on potential gun control regulation, the legislators had something else on their minds altogether. After deciding against debating a ban on assault weapons, less than an hour later the House passed a bill […]

Patheos: More Good News on the Porn Front: Revcontent Eliminating Sexually Explicit Material

Any of us who regularly use the internet are bombarded with sexually objectifying and explicit advertisements. Sleazy, hypersexualized online ads appear virtually everywhere online, alongside completely unrelated internet content.  This content is often unsought by and offensive to internet users. Thanks to more awareness about the ramifications of pornography, some progress is being felt throughout […]

Lifezette: Spring Break: Shining a Light on the Dark Side

Blue skies, gorgeous water, big fun — in these environments especially, our kids need to beware of a sex-trafficking industry in overdrive “Spring break” and “sex trafficking” are not terms you often find in the same sentence — but rather than provide parents with details about popular destinations or best hotels for vacations at this […]

Medium: Does #MeToo Have the Power to Bring Down Corporatized Sex Trafficking?

Pending Senate Vote on CDA a Critical Test of Movement’s Power While it may feel like old news now, the revelations about sexual harassment and abuse perpetrated against dozens of women by Harvey Weinstein have had important and far-reaching ripple effects. Suddenly, an ocean of women’s narratives about sexual injustice and abuse long held back […]

Herald-Tribune: Sarasota’s Revcontent bans sexual content

It makes 250 billion content recommendations a month, so the effect could be widespread Sarasota digital marketing company Revcontent said it has revised its content policy to eliminate the use of sexually objectifying language and explicit content. Revcontent said it is the first advertising network to be endorsed by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation […]

Fast Company: Those creepy sexual ads next to news stories might soon be a thing of the past

There’s nothing worse than reading an article on a perfectly respectable news site only to come across a sleazy ad featuring a half-naked woman flashing her cleavage at you. These kinds of soft-porn images have become par for the course as we surf the web, thanks to content recommendation companies like Taboola, Outbrain, and Revcontent, […]

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Bristol Post: Somerset man in court for importing a child sex doll

A man has appeared in court charged after he tried to import a child sex doll from China. Avon and Somerset police brought the charge against Sean Julian Doel in relation to an investigation that has been running for nearly a year. Border Force officials seized a package containing the doll, which had been sent from […]

Patheos: Major Progress In Battle Against Pornography

A growing chorus of voices is calling attention to the strong link between pornography and sexual exploitation, and those voices are now seeing some significant progress. Just last week the House passed historic legislation against online sex trafficking.  The package to fight online sex trafficking passed by a vote of 388 to 25.  If this legislation passes the Senate, it will allow victims […]

Leadership: Jose Foundation, England Football Coach Seek End To Child Abuse

Following recent reports of sexual exploitation cases in sports and the movie industry, Nigeria’s international non governmental organisation with biased for raising awareness on child sexual exploitation, Jose Foundation has taken its campaign to managers of sporting teams. In a press statement in Abuja, President of Jose Foundation, Prince Martins Abhulimhen, said it has become […]

Solo News: Online sex crimes loophole removal nears House vote

The bill would give sex-trafficking victims more power to sue websites that knowingly support sex trafficking. The House report on the bill conflates sex work and sex trafficking, even though the latter requires physical restraint, fraud, physical confinement and rape, and coercion. “We must put an end to modern-day slavery here in the United States”, […]

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