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The White House: Press Briefing 8/4/2020

Originally Published at The White House By Kayleigh McEnany Question: Thank you, Kayleigh. This administration has worked to — has identified human trafficking as a crisis and has worked to combat it. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has identified TikTok an online — online platform that enables sexual exploitation of young people, especially in…


Deseret News: Justice or vigilantism? Here’s why some Gen Z survivors of sexual assault are turning to social media

Originally Published at Deseret News By Erica Evans Utah is having its own #MeToo moment. Using a trending hashtag that surfaced in June, hundreds of Utah social media users have shared their personal stories of sexual assault and the names of their alleged abusers. The hashtag is empowering mostly Generation Z survivors to speak out…


Oxygen: Where is Rachael Denhollander, The First Woman To Speak Out Publicly Against Larry Nassar, Now?

Originally Published at Oxygen By Ted Quarterman Of the hundreds of women who came forward to testify against Larry Nassar as shown in the new Netflix documentary “Athlete A,” Rachael Denhollander was the first to publicly condemn the now-convicted serial sexual abuser. Denhollander — a lawyer and former gymnast who was assaulted by Nassar when she was 15…


One News Now: DOJ praised for slapping cuffs on sex-trafficking culprits

Originally Published at One News Now By Charlie Butts The federal government is taking action to shut down online trafficking operations. Two years ago, the Justice Department shut down, which at the time was the leading online facilitator for online prostitution and trafficking of adults and children. Officials have now used the 2017 Fight…


Verily Magazine: Traction Is Growing Against Sex Trafficking and Porn

Originally Published at Verily Magazine By Mary Rose Somarriba In addition to spawning countless conspiracy theories, Jeffrey Epstein’s untimely death in a New York correctional facility in August 2019 tells us something true: while some people may have not wanted Epstein’s secrets to be revealed, still more did. And for that, we have a Netflix…


International Business Times: After Gone With The Wind, Megyn Kelly Wonders If Friends Will Go Next

Originally Published at International Business Times By Keerthi Mohan Slamming HBO Max’s decision to temporarily remove “Gone with the Wind” from its library, Megyn Kelly has asked if all shows that treated women as sex objects would be taken off too. HBO Max on Tuesday pulled the 1939 classic following criticism that it romanticized slavery….


Politicalite: RED LIGHT: One Million Sign Petition to SHUT DOWN Pornhub for Sex Trafficking Videos

Originally Published at Politicalite By Jordan James THE FAST Growing Global #Traffickinghub Movement, Now One Million Strong, Wants Pornhub Shut Down for Enabling and Profiting from Sex Trafficking and Rape Videos, the campaign group has told Politicalite. Signers from 192 countries have backed anti-trafficking activist Laila Mickelwait’s“Traffickinghub” petition to shut down Pornhub for allegedly enabling and profiting from…


The Christian Post: NCOSE honors Instacart, Doordash for anti-trafficking efforts amid COVID-19 pandemic

Originally Published at The Christian Post By Brandon Showalter As part of its Dignity Defense Campaign, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation is recognizing Instacart and Doordash for their efforts in combating trafficking and other sexual abuse. The organization has been alerting Door Dash and Instacart to COVID-19 trends where exploiters like traffickers and pimps have been…


Cards International: Campaigners seek to block credit card use on porn sites

Originally Published at Cards International By Mohamed Dabo An alliance of international campaign groups has formed to push for the prohibition of credit card payments on pornographic websites. In a letter sent to major credit card companies, a coalition of 10 campaign groups is calling for “the immediate suspension of payments on porn sites”. Ten…


Instacart: New Safety Measures for the Shopper Community

Originally Published at We’re continuing to prioritize the health and safety of the shopper community above all else. We know that this commitment extends beyond COVID-19, and we’ve been making ongoing investments to make sure shoppers feel secure and protected while on the Instacart platform. Today, we’re introducing several new resources and offerings to…


Washington Examiner: Prosecuting obscenity is the key to ending explosion of child sexual abuse material

Originally Published at The Washington Examiner By Eleanor Kennelly Gaetan If you’ve had the disturbing occasion to know how nihilistic and obscene pornography is today, you know torture is standard fare. So is racism, incest, and teen rape. PornMD, a search engine for the MindGeek platforms of trash and criminality including Pornhub, reports its most…


Forbes: U.S. Catholic Bishops Call For Federal Pornography Crackdown

Originally Published at Forbes By Jonathan Berr The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has called on the federal government to “confront the ongoing harms wrought by the pornography industry,” which has experienced a surge in website traffic because of the coronavirus pandemic. In an April 30 letter to Attorney General William Barr, the Conference urged the U.S….