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dating porn addict

Dating a Porn Addict

Years ago I met a handsome young man, who was an adorable father of a four-year-old son. In a short time, I learned of his painful journey living with a sexual addiction. It had begun quite early in his life, when he had been exposed to pornography and other sexual behaviors through a friend at…


170 Personal Stories About Pornography – FROM AUGUST SURVEY

On 8/16/2012 we sent out a survey about pornography and children. We left a space for people to share their personal experiences anonymously. You can view a PDF downloaded file of the personal experiences here.


I’m not hooked, but it totally hurt my imagination and I still suffer from that years later

My father, who was a WONDERFUL man (he died of cancer when I was 15) was troubled that I was a shy kid in junior high who at age 13 wasn’t wanting to date any girls yet. So, in retrospect, I think he only wanted to help me “get interested” when he bought me a…


As a lesbian, I completely understand the attraction to women. What I don’t understand is the objectification of men or women!

As a lesbian, I completely understand the attraction to women. What I don’t understand and what hurts my soul to the core is the objectification of anyone-be they male or female. My family growing up was devastated with the discovery of pornographic sites in the history of our home computer. I knew that it was…


Porn was a main cause of my anorexia

Porn almost destroyed our marriage. Porn hurt my life for a long time and was a main cause of my anorexia and low self image and my own addictions. Porn has hurt almost every person in my family at some time or another. It must be stopped!


Empty and Disconnected

Pornorgraphy made me feel empty and disconnected from others. For much of my adolescence and adult life, I couldn’t connect to others, especially if they were women. I couldn’t understand why my relationships never lasted very long, why other men around me were so much more confident among others, why I always missed social cues…


Exposure to porn throughout life

My dad had pornographic posters of women in the garage and magazines in the house. Then, I got into chat rooms at 12 years old late at night. Kids at middle school showed me how to dial erotic phone numbers at the school payphone. Then I had a female roommate addicted to porn. I married…


Speak Up: No More Dirty Magazines At Gas Station

Shared Anonymously As a teenager, my mom would stop by the same convenient store every morning on our way to school and we would make our regular purchases, gas, chewing gum and other candy. I continued to use the same gas station for those purchases for years  until a couple of  years ago. I went…


Donny’s Story: I am a former porn producer

“Yes, I was a porn producer for 9 years, contracting with Playboy and a group of other well known companies.  Yes, I have become a Christian.  And yes, I now speak publicly about what goes on behind the scenes here on this blog as well as at numerous Churches and Universities (including Yale University –…


James Schellenberg, Testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

James Schellenberg, testifying in Chicago before the Commission on Pornography, described how pornography had ruined his childhood. As early as 12, he had been exposed to pornography and developed an addiction to it. He described how it has become pervasive in society, and leads to its users regarding other people as sexual objects rather than…


Tyler – “The Consequences Just Won’t Go Away”

I was first exposed to a pornographic magazine when I was about 11 years old; I had an older cousin who had a Playboy magazine and decided it would be cool to show me and another cousin my age what sex looked like and how a woman’s body looked underneath the clothes. In my adolescence…


Hardcore porn in my mailbox!

I just wanted to share a brief comment. I am a 41 year old man who has had an addiction to internet pornography. It almost tore my family apart, but with the help of God, my church, my wife, and some friends, I have been able to keep the addiction at bay. This afternoon, I…