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Comcast Becomes Industry Leader in Parental Controls, Removed from Dirty Dozen List

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE Washington, DC – After making remarkable improvements to parental control systems, Comcast is being removed from the Dirty Dozen List—a campaign by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation that names 12 companies contributing to sexual exploitation every year. The new 2019 Dirty Dozen List will be launched […]


Netflix Releases Show “Baby,” Trivializes Teenage Sexual Exploitation

This Friday, Netflix will begin streaming a new show, “Baby”. Based loosely on the account of the “Baby Squillo scandal,” the show portrays a group of teenagers entering into prostitution as a glamorized “coming-of-age” story. Under international and U.S. federal law, anyone engaged in commercial sex who is under 18 years old is by definition […]


STATEMENT: National Center on Sexual Exploitation Lauds Apple for Removing Tumblr App Over Child Pornography

Washington, DC – According to news reports, the popular social media app Tumblr was removed from Apple’s App Store after the discovery of child pornography on the platform. “The National Center on Sexual Exploitation congratulates Apple for taking a bold stand against child sex abuse with its decision to remove Tumblr from its app store.  It […]


STATEMENT: Under Armour Won’t Pay for Employee Strip Club Visits

Washington, DC – According to news reports, sports apparel company Under Armour has just changed corporate policy prohibiting reimbursement for employee visits to strip clubs. The change comes in close proximity to recent allegations of sexual misconduct by employees. “Strip Clubs are a perfect learning environment to teach men to sexually harass and assault women. […]


STATEMENT: 1,000 Notre Dame Students Tell University President, BLOCK PORN!

Washington, DC – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation stands in solidarity this week with over 1,000 students, recent alumni, and faculty at the University of Notre Dame petitioning the university president to install pornography filters on campus Internet. As part of the annual White Ribbon Against Pornography Week, student activists are raising awareness about […]


STATEMENT: A Warning to Canadian Trade Officials: NAFTA Package Set to Export U.S. Sex Trafficking

Statement by Lisa L. Thompson, Vice President of Policy & Research, NCOSE Washington, DC – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation calls on Canadian trade negotiators to protect their citizens from a stealthy attempt to decriminalize websites that promote prostitution and facilitate sex trafficking by insisting on removal from NAFTA of language similar to previous […]


STATEMENT: Steam Approves First Uncensored Porn Game

Game Promotes “Pressured Sexual Relationships” and “Abusive Marriages” Washington, DC – Steam, the largest digital distributor for video games to children and adults, recently approved the first “100% uncensored” porn game for sale on its platform. The decision comes not long after Steam stated it would publish all video games regardless of content, barring anything […]


STATEMENT: Amazon Removes 9 Books Promoting Rape and Sexual Assault

Most of the author’s content remains available Washington, DC – Amazon recently removed 9 books from their online store by “pickup artist” Daryush “Roosh” Valizadeh. Valizadeh earns money through self-publishing books on Amazon describing his sexual encounters in foreign countries, including actual confessions of sexual assault and rape. These books are meant to serve as […]


STATEMENT: HBO Continues to Promote #MeToo Culture in The Deuce

HBO Normalizes Male Sexual Entitlement Washington, DC – September 9th the second season of The Deuce premiered despite protests by women’s rights groups like the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. The show chronicles the growth of commercial sexual exploitation with the rise of the pornography and prostitution industry in New York City during the 1970s […]


STATEMENT: World Health Organization Recognized “Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder”, Pornography Addiction Should be Next

Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Executive Director of NCOSE Washington, DC – According to news reports, the World Health Organization has recognized “Compulsive Sexual Behavior Disorder” (CSB or CSBD) – which functions as an umbrella term for both “sex addiction” and “porn addiction”- as an impulse control disorder. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation applauds this step […]


STATEMENT: CA University Appears to Endorse Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse

Claims Pornography Consumption Normal for Children Washington, DC – The University of California, Santa Barbara appears to endorse child-on-child sexual abuse and childhood exposure to pornography through its online platform “SexInfo Online.” According to news reports, a section of this website titled “Childhood Sexuality” claimed that, “The majority of sexual play between children takes place […]


Videogame Company Welcomes Sexual Violence Games

NCOSE Urges Parents and Socially Conscious Gamers to Keep Off Steam  Washington, DC – A month after Steam told select game developers to pull sexual content from their game they have reversed their stance and created a new policy to “allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal, or […]