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The rise of the Internet, social media, and other technologies have completely revolutionized the way people live. Along with the good these developments have made possible, they have also unleashed tidal waves of sexual harm:

pornography exposure abuse; sexually explicit and sexually violent video games; child sexual abuse images; spycamming; sexting; sextortion; “sugar daddy” sites; online sex trafficking; prostitution review boards; compulsive sexual behaviors; grooming, and more

Modern technology is accelerating the pace and scale of sexual abuse and exploitation. This reality—combined with a toxic deluge of pop culture messages normalizing harmful attitudes and behaviors—is rapidly transforming forms of sexual abuse, violence, and exploitation from the intolerable to the fashionable and “normal.”

Young people are the most impacted. They have little to no chance of living lives free from the harmful impacts of these phenomena.

These challenges are urgent. If we don’t act now, we may miss this narrow window of opportunity to turn the tide. We must stand together to confront the rising tide of abuse and exploitation.

This is why the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Online Global Summit creates a one-of-a-kind setting, where people from across sexual abuse and exploitation sectors, as well as from a diverse range of professional, political, and personal backgrounds, coalesce to be informed, equipped, connected and inspired.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to find common purpose with others who believe in preserving respect, intimacy, mutuality, responsibility, and love in human sexual relationships.

Come join us as we fight for a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation!


Jessica T. White, M.S.

Jessica T. White, M.S.

Chief Executive Officer
Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Expert
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Anastasiya Dyakova

Anastasiya Dyakova

Office of Vice-Prime-Minister - Minister for Digital Transformation of Ukraine
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Ann Kioko

Ann Kioko

Campaigns Director for Africa
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Mateusz Gola, Ph.D.

Mateusz Gola, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor, Institute for Neural Computations Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience
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5 Full Days of Incredible Presentations from Over 100 Experts
Networking Opportunities with Allies in the Movement to End Exploitation.

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The resources that other members are sharing as well as their motivation to help the communities and spaces they serve.

Meeting key influencers online! Breakout zoom sessions after the presentation! The wide variety of topics!

Gaining so much information from amazing people across the world from my own home!
Brilliant collection of professionals to inspire, educate and encourage! Thank you

Variety of experienced and educated speakers, with a wealth of knowledge.

Best professional development opportunity I’ve seen since entering this field 20 years ago.

I was humbled by the amount of research and factual testimonies backing up every angle of the world of issues involving sexual exploitation, and by the broad range of interconnections between sexual exploitation and societal crimes at large.


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