CESE Summit 2021
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Impact Local Policy

I want to assist with or lead policy advocacy at my local or national level! Please add me to your list and connect me with others in my area.

Share and Take Action Against 2021 Dirty Dozen List Members

The Dirty Dozen List

Annual List of 12 mainstream Facilitators of Sexual Exploitation

Choose Change

Tell these companies to change their practices with allow for ease of access to sexually violent images

Thank Google for Making K-12 Education Products Safer!

Default to Safety

Apple's "Screen Time" controls are not automatic or intuitive. Tell Apple to Default to Safety!

Dismantle Pornhub

Take Apart This Corporation and Its Infrastructure

Victory! TikTok Takes Fighting Sexploitation Seriously

OnlyFans is Profiting from Sexploitation and Must Be Stopped

Call on Interpol to Investigate MindGeek/Pornhub for Sex Trafficking

Contact Congress

Tell Congress to Pass The Empowering Law Enforcement to Fight Sex Trafficking Demand Act of 2021

Share UNICEF Victory

They rescinded a report initially minimizing childhood pornography exposure

International Advocates

Tweet legislators to support Canada's Prostitution & Pornography Laws

Canadian Advocates

Tweet & Email legislators to support Canada's Prostitution & Pornography Laws

Call on the EU to Prioritize Protecting Children Online With ePrivacy Regulations

Pass the Earn It Act

Tech has the Capability to Stop CSAM; Hold Them Accountable!

Contact U.S. Senate

Tell Them To Pass the Debt Bondage Repair Act in US

Help Pass Filters: ON Bill in Your State!

Join the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation

Sign International Joint Letter to Combat Full Decriminalization of Sex Trade

Join the CHAT Forum to Stay in Touch After the CESE Summit!

Share Your Story

Sharing experiences may be a restorative and liberating process. This is a place for those who want to express their story.

Join the Prayer Movement

Receive Weekly Prayer Alerts and Join Our Monthly Live Prayer Call

Share Your Shareables!

If you have graphics, videos, podcasts, or other resources that others in the movement could use and share, upload them here!

Let's Get Real

Send us your thoughts on the inherent harms of the sex industry.

How Has Pornography Harmed

Send us your thoughts on how pornography has harmed you, your loved ones, and our society.

Profiteers of sexual abuse and exploitation continue to facilitate and profit from the truama of countless survivors despite calls to change!

The abuse is not inevitable and justice is not a lost cause.

It's Our Cause.

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