CESE Summit Speaker Application


Not accepting proposals after February 30, 2020. Invitations are made on a rolling basis.

Most invitations will be made by April 1, 2020.

About the #CESESummit:

We seek to eradicate the full spectrum of sexual exploitation. Therefore, presentations addressing issues pertaining to pornography, stripping, massage parlors, prostitution, sex trafficking, child sexual exploitation (boys and girls), sexual assault and rape, cyber sexual abuse, sex addiction, etc. are all welcome.

The Summit audience is comprised of approximately 85% individuals who are already working to end exploitation and about 15% concerned, but fairly educated citizens who want to learn more and get involved. The last five Summits were tremendously successful at getting leaders from varying cultural, religious, political, and professional disciplines to join together to collaborate on these issues. Our number one goal is to facilitate more such cross-boundary understanding and cohesion through this and future Summits, as well as the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation.

Speaker Requirements:

  • Intermediate or advanced presentations only. Please suggest workshops that are helpful for other educated leaders to know and understand. How can your efforts benefit from your proposed message?
  • Proven track record of success and expertise in these fields. Relatively new programs and strategies that haven’t yet demonstrated success will not be presented at the CESE Summit.
  • Acknowledgment of the Guiding Values for the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation.

More event details at EndExploitationSummit.com


2020 CESE Summit Speaker Application

Please make sure you have reviewed the entire application and have all materials ready to input as you cannot save the application and finish later.
  • Please add credentials at the end of your last name as you would want them to appear in Summit documents. Example: Smith, Ph.D. or Jones, MSW
  • Format: @name This is so we can help promote you/your organization before and during the Summit.
  • Format @name
  • If possible, please provide a link to video presentations you have given elsewhere.
  • Please provide a brief bio, not more than 200 words, for use in the conference program and the website. This bio should focus on your current employment/assignment and professional responsibilities/activities. A listing of all your previous assignments, professional accomplishments, etc. is not necessary.
  • No more than 15 words.
  • Please provide a brief description of your proposed presentation. Co‐presenters should confer and agree on the workshop title and description before submitting this information.
  • Bio cannot be longer than 200 words.
  • If you have an advanced degree please also provide three objectives for your workshop to be submitted in our application for CEUs and credit hours.
  • Why will the audience, made up mostly of leaders in the end exploitation movement, benefit from this presentation?
  • Which best describes where your presentation fits?
  • Please understand that it is difficult to schedule 50+ speakers, but NCOSE will do its best to accommodate your availability. It is strongly encouraged to plan to attend the whole Summit in order to fully benefit from the opportunity to learn, network, and strategize with the many leaders in attendance.
  • Please provide a high-quality headshot that could be used on the Summit website and program. Make sure that the file uploaded includes your first and last name.

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