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2015 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit


*Not all presentations were recorded or made available to the public.

Opposing the Status Quo: Changing Policies that Exploit – Dawn Hawkins

A Culture of Accountability: Shaping Behavior with Technology – Ron DeHaas

The Porn Debate: Strategies for Taking on the Media and Opposition – Gabe Deem

Education toward Equality and Health – Sophie Andar

Best Practices Working with Survivors of Sexual Exploitation – Vendita Carter

Pornography is Filmed Prostitution – Melissa Farley

The Dark Side of the Internet and the Exploitation of Children – Ernie Allen

Orchestrated Destruction: Pornography as a Script for Sexual Violence

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Why We Do What We Do: A Call to Unite Leaders in the Movement to End Exploitation – Matt Fradd

Sexual Exploitation: Connecting the Dots in Real Life – Ed Smart

Sex Trafficking Survivor Advocate Speaks Up: What’s Porn Got to Do With It? – Anna Malika

Survivor of Child Sex Trafficking, Porn, & Adult Systems of Prostitution – Robin Rivera

The Journey: From Captivity to Freedom — Sex Trafficking Survivor and Advocate Julie Shematz


View the 2015 CESE Summit Program



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