As you know, for months, we have been planning for this year’s Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation (CESE) Global Summit. This is the linchpin annual event for the worldwide movement to end all forms of sexual exploitation, and every year it is a source that springs forth new partnerships, projects, and victories.

However, as you know, due to concerns about the Coronavirus the timeline for the reinstating of national and international travel and major events is still uncertain. So out of an abundance of caution for attendee wellbeing, we are canceling the in-person CESE Global Summit. This may surprise you, because the Summit isn’t until July. But historically, this is the timeframe when most attendees decide to buy their tickets and begin arranging travel and since there is so much uncertainty (and because the Summit is a significant financial commitment from our organization) we do not think it’s a wise use of resources for such an uncertain outcome.


You can still learn from the top experts, and participate in interactive working groups, this July 18-28. Over these 10 days you will have the opportunity to learn from 100 presenters from 25+ countries.

New videos will be released every day, so you can watch them at a convenient time, and we will have several live video calls for leaders to connect and network around specific topics.

We believe this virtual Summit will provide even greater opportunities for rural and international leader participation. In fact, we expect 10,000 people to participate!

So make sure you’re one of them!



The rise of the Internet, social media, and other technologies have completely revolutionized the way people live. Along with the good these developments have made possible, they have also unleashed tidal waves of sexual harm:

  • pornography exposure abuse
  • sexually explicit and sexually violent video games
  • child sexual abuse images
  • spycamming
  • sexting
  • sextortion
  • “sugar daddy” sites
  • online sex trafficking
  • prostitution review boards
  • compulsive sexual behaviors
  • grooming, and more

Modern technology is accelerating the pace and scale of sexual abuse and exploitation. This reality—combined with a toxic deluge of pop culture messages normalizing harmful attitudes and behaviors—is rapidly transforming forms of sexual abuse, violence, and exploitation from the intolerable to the fashionable and “normal.”

Young people are the most impacted. They have little to no chance of living lives free from the harmful impacts of these phenomena.

These challenges are urgent. If we don’t act now, we may miss this narrow window of opportunity to turn the tide. We must stand together to confront the rising tide of abuse and exploitation.

This is why the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit creates a one-of-a-kind setting, where people from across sexual abuse and exploitation sectors, as well as from a diverse range of professional, political, and personal backgrounds, coalesce to be informed, equipped, connected and inspired. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to find common purpose with others who believe in preserving respect, intimacy, mutuality, responsibility, and love in human sexual relationships. Come join us as we fight for a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation!