Changing Policies

That Exploit

NCOSE changes corporate and government policies that facilitate sexual exploitation.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation contends that no organization or corporation should profit from, or contribute to, sexual exploitation. Unfortunately, many mainstream companies and groups do just that. NCOSE is a proven policy-changer with an innovative combination of engaging and informing executives about their harmful policies along with galvanizing public attention and action. NCOSE has instigated major policy shifts in high profile entities. In recent years, this includes Google, Walmart, the Department of Justice, Verizon, the Federal Communications Commission, and more. NCOSE is committed to creating real-world change in favor of human dignity and sexual justice.


NCOSE has a proven track record of changing corporate and government policies that previously facilitated sexual exploitation.


We believe in a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation, so we work every day to build that world.

Sexual abuse and exploitation of all kinds are pernicious, interconnected problems that harm people from all walks of life—especially the vulnerable and marginalized in our societies. Because forms of sexual harm overlap, reinforce, and fuel one another, the movement to end sexual abuse and exploitation must be holistic in its approach to be successful. It is also crucial to combat the roots of sexual abuse and exploitation so that we prevent the factors that give rise to and sustain these problems, rather than only addressing their symptoms.

For these reasons, we at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation are dedicated to 1) comprehensively addressing all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation, 2) exposing, combating, and preventing every system that allows sexual abuse and exploitation to survive, and 3) seeking the healing and wellbeing of survivors. By utilizing research, litigation, legislative and corporate advocacy, as well as coalescing the global Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation, the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) has distinguished itself as the global leader in the fight for a world free from sexual abuse and exploitation.



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