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Join the movement to end sexual exploitation by partnering with NCOSE to change policies, provide hope, and shape culture.

You can make a difference in the movement to defend human dignity. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation is dedicated to addressing the full spectrum of social harms that emerge from the production, distribution, and consumption of pornography. Members of this movement confront those organizations, individuals, and companies contributing to or facilitating sexual exploitation. We use our united voices to demand changes in policies, actions, and attitudes. In 2015 alone, NCOSE's efforts have led to changes in 16 major corporate policies that facilitated sexual exploitation. This movement gets results!

Your support enables NCOSE to be a resource for grass-root activists, for those who are struggling with exploitation, for children and families, and for those who want to make a difference in this world. In addition, your financial contributions support the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation - nearly 300 organizations working together to fight for human dignity. By partnering with NCOSE you can help change exploitative policies, provide hope for individuals & families, and shape our culture.

DEFEND Dignity

Every individual has an inherent dignity and is endowed with the right to be free from sexual exploitation, objectification, and violence.

Defending Family and Healthy Relationships

NCOSE is defending the family, and relationships, by offering resources for those who are struggling

Improving Dozens Of Corporate Policies

NCOSE is changing corporate policies that facilitate sexual exploitation

Informing The Press and The Public

NCOSE is a constant advocate in the press for a culture that respects human dignity

Giving Individuals The Tools to Take Action

NCOSE empowers individuals to take action

Unifying the Leaders Around The World

NCOSE brings the leaders of different fields together in order to address the full spectrum of sexual exploitation

Connecting You With The Peer-Reviewed Research

NCOSE provides research and talking points so that everyone can become an advocate

This Is Why I Give

“I give because I have a five year old daughter and I'm terrified and saddened by the culture of today.”


“I give because I have a compelling force within me that can't be silent on this inhumane issue.”


“I give because I am tired of being a teenage girl sexualized in school and harassed when I dress modestly, and I'm only here for an education. This attention isn't wanted and I know it's because of the way media portrays young women like me. Things need to change. I am not a sex toy. I am a person, and so is every young girl like me growing up in this exploitative society.”


“I give because I see a growing epidemic of pornography, sexual exploitation, violence in media for families, and so on and so on. I give because I want to protect my family and my neighbors families and my friends families and the world of families!”


“I give because my marriage has been hurt by porn in the past, and to fight for the future.”


“I give because sexual exploitation, and pornography in particular, is the epidemic of our time. And as far as I can tell, you all are the only ones doing anything to stop it!”


“I give so my children will grow up knowing what real truth, love and beauty are.”


GIVE Now. GIVE Today

Your gift today will contribute to changing policies and public opinion regarding sexual exploitation and pornography.

END Sexual Exploitation