Join the winning legal strategy to end online sex trafficking and sexual exploitation!

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Your Partnership With the NCOSE Law Center Will Make A Difference!

The NCOSE Law Center serves as the catalyst for a legal movement against mainstream profiteers of sexual abuse and exploitation. Civil litigation is historically the most effective tactic to create change and hold corporate bad actors accountable.

Your gift today will help:

Oppose Sexual Exploitation - gavel icon

Bring Justice For Survivors

Victims of sexual abuse and exploitation deserve at least some justice. These mega corporations profited from their pain. It's time they answered for it!

Expose the Connections - web connection icon

Dismantle The Porn Industry

Take down the world's biggest corporate abusers and profiteers of rape, child abuse, and other forms of sexual exploitation.

Defend Human Dignity - icon

Ensure Big Tech Protects Kids

Despite millions of kids using their platforms daily, Big Tech has designed platforms where child exploitation flourishes. These lawsuits are moving these tech giants to fix major design flaws for child safety.