Educating & Engaging The Public

NCOSE exposes the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation.

NCOSE works to spread light by not only informing the public about the problems of sexual exploitation but also by galvanizing them to become a part of a movement.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation gathers the latest peer-reviewed research, along with anecdotal evidence, in order to bring the pandemic of sexual harm out of the shadows. Projects like Pornography: a Public Health Crisis; Bright Light on the Red Light: the Truth about Prostitution; Out of the Shadows: Addressing the Sexual Exploitation of Boys and Men; and more, serve to challenge cultural assumptions and bring clarity to diverse exploitation issues.

NCOSE hosts regular events both in the U.S. Capitol building and around the country to unite and educate. NCOSE is also on the cutting edge of utilizing digital tools to spread its message—through large social media followings, podcast listeners, regular online webinars, and robust and organized websites, millions are reached each year.

Further, through media and grassroots efforts, NCOSE raises awareness and gives a voice to those who are seeking the abolition of sexual exploitation in their home, their community, and their country.

In 2005-2006 there were approximately 200,000 articles written that mentioned the potential harms of pornography to public health. NCOSE was one of the first organizations to use the public health approach for addressing the harms of pornography, and in 2011 NCOSE undertook intentional press relations to change the national dialogue surrounding the issue.

The numbers have since skyrocketed. In 2015-2016 there were over 4,710,000 articles on this topic. That’s a 1,870% increase in 10 years!



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