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Video Presentation: 10 Proactive Ways to Protect Young Minds from Pornography by Kristen A. Jenson, MA

Watch this presentation on 10 Proactive Ways to Protect Young Minds from Pornography by Kristen A. Jenson, MA from Protect Young Minds, which was given at the 2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit hosted by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Consider hosting a watching party with a parents group or church group,…


Video Presentation: A Call to Arms: The Church’s Role in the Pornography Battle

Churches and faith-motivated groups play a vital role in the defense of human dignity. Yet there is one issue that is breaking apart families and marriages and increasing rates of sexual violence against women that many churches struggle to address: pornography.  Research also shows that more than half of youth pastors have had at least…


Video Presentation: Ready or Not, Porn is Influencing the Way Teens Think About Sex and Intimacy

During WRAP Week, gather friends together to watch the video Ready or Not, Porn is Influencing the Way Teens Think About Sex and Intimacy by Natalie McAneney from Fight the New Drug. Discuss the impact of pornography on rising generations, and how you can be a voice for authentic and healthy relationships! Also, if you or…



The event will be in the South Congressional Meeting Room. Please arrive early for the event in order to give plenty of time to get through security. If you tell security you are there for an event, they will often let you bypass the tourist line. Note that you are not allowed to bring in water…


Hate + Sex + Technology + Apathy: A Discussion about Pornography, History, Culture and the End of Love

What does one get when mixing equal parts of hate, apathy, sex, and technology? Answer: the perfect formula for the noxious, addictive, morbific product we commonly refer to as pornography. And a perfect formula it is—the combination has created a toxic plague which infiltrates our culture, communities, families, intimate relationships, and the much touted “privacy”…


What’s Porn Got To Do With Sex Trafficking?: A survivor explains

This is a FREE online event. VIEW HERE. In light of the swirling debates regarding how pornography is linked to sex trafficking, this webinar will outline how pornography both creates demand and fuels the sex industry as well as how the production of pornography is often itself rape. This presentation is grounded in rigorous academic…


Activism Then and Now: Lessons from the Abolitionist Movement that we can use now in the fight to end sexual exploitation

This is a free online event. ADD IT TO YOUR CALENDAR and VIEW HERE ABOUT THE EVENT: Matthew Mason will discuss how the history of abolition teaches us to hope and how lessons from their fight can aid our efforts to curb sexual slavery today. He will address what the abolitionists in the U.S. and elsewhere were…


Is “Porn Addiction” Real?

This is a free webinar, but you MUST REGISTER HERE BEFORE THE EVENT: ABOUT THIS EVENT: A June 2014 article in Current Sexual Health Reports claims that the concept of pornography addiction is based on “poor evidence.” Porn addiction, the authors claim, is not the best model for understanding the problems with porn people face….


Preparing for the Inevitable: Your Kids and Pornography Exposure

It is inevitable, ALL of our children will be exposed to online pornography. With the tidal wave of internet enabled devices and mobile tools, it is impossible to protect your child from every experience outside of your home. You can prepare your child for these negative experiences with simple, strait forward discussions–the earlier, the better.