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Getting Smart Media & Anti-porn messages in Schools – WRAP

This is a free webinar. ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR and VIEW HERE. ABOUT THE EVENT:   What’s in your child’s backpack? Homework? Lunch? A smart phone? What kids really need in their backpacks are skills for surviving this lightening-fast, highly-sexualized, 360-degree media world! Kids need to learn early, how to evaluate what they see. They…


How YOU can stand up against exploitation! Lessons from others fighting for dignity in their communities

Join us for this free online webinar and hear from others around the country who are motivating change in their communities! Our Executive Director spoke up on a flight when a man was viewing psuedo-child violent pornography and now every commercial airline in America (except American Airlines) has adapted policies to prohibit viewing pornography and…


10 Ways to Immunize Your Kids Against Pornography

This is a free, online webinar. ADD TO YOUR CALENDAR AND VIEW HERE. ABOUT THIS EVENT: This free, online class will help parents understand how to teach their young kids what pornography is, why it’s dangerous and how to reject it using the 5-point CAN DO plan. A disturbing number of young children are being exposed…