2014 Dirty Dozen List: Hilton Hotels

Hilton Hotels on the 2014 Dirty Dozen List

Why is Hilton on the Dirty Dozen List?

This hotel chain, like Hyatt, Starwood and many other top hotel chains, provides hardcore pornography movie choices; and it’s “adult” channels that are often the first thing advertised when you turn on the TV. Other hotels, such as Omni, Drury, and Ritz-Carlton, DO NOT offer TV pornography. Marriott is currently getting out of the porn business after many years of pressure from pro-family and anti-pornography groups.

The Laws

Federal obscenity laws, which the U.S. Department of Justice refuses to currently enforce, prohibit distribution of hardcore, obscene pornography on the Internet, on cable/satellite or hotel/motel TV and in sexually oriented businesses and other retail shops. (Learn more)

  • 18 U.S.C. 1468 Distribution of obscene matter by cable or satellite TV

Proof of Hilton’s Profit from Porn & Obscenity

Why Can’t Hilton Follow Marriott?

Marriott’s New Policy States:

marriottVideo-On-Demand (VOD) Services 
Optional: RH / JW / MH / EDITION / The Ritz Carlton / CFRST / AC Hotels / Marriott Executive Apartments.

When a hotel/resort decides to offer VOD services, it must follow the standard criteria.

  • The pay-per-view movie system should have variable pricing capabilities.
  • VOD Contracts
    • New hotel/resort license agreements and contract renewals may include theatrical movie titles only; adult content is prohibited.
    • Adult content offered under existing and month-to-month license agreements must be removed by Dec. 31, 2012.
    • Agreements extending beyond Dec. 31, 2012 will be allowed to expire at the initial contract end date, with no extension. Marriott will actively work to eliminate adult content with the providers and will do so in cases where it does not require a penalty payment.
  • VOD Service
    • Hotel must provide Adult Movie Title Lock-Out
    • In addition to the lock-out feature available through the VOD system, each guestroom with VOD is required to have a notification card on top of or very near the TV.
    • Notification must be in place until mature content is removed.
    • For US Hotels the notification card is available from AS Hospitality as a stock item.
    • The notification card will read: 
”In addition to our regular TV channels, we offer a variety of pay-per-view programming. Some of the pay-per-view programming contains mature audience content. To block the mature content or all of the pay-per-view programming, please contact the Front Desk.”
Interactive VOD Services
    • Hotel may offer interactive services via the VOD system supplied by the hotel’s television content provider, including:
      • Account Review
      • Video Check-Out
      • Video Messaging

Take Action Now

  • Contact Hilton Executives

  • Thank Marriott for changing their policy and getting out of the porn business!

  • Tweet Hilton
    • Click here or
    • Use this tweet: @HiltonHotels get out of the #porn business. You’re profiting from exploitation #pornharms #dirtydozen
    • Or use this one: @HiltonHotels why don’t you follow @MarriottIntl and stop profiting from #porn? #pornharms #dirtydozen
  • Share Your Story

    Have you seen porn in a hotel? Have you spoken out about it? What are your thoughts? Tell your story here.

  • Contact Hilton

    • Hilton Hotels Corporate Address:
      Christopher Nassetta, CEO, Hilton Hotels
      7930 Jones Branch Drive
      McLean, VA 22102
  • Distribute this handout to your friends and family and ask them to get involved.


  • When you stay at a hotel, make sure you tell them at the check-in desk or on the phone before your arrival that you want them to disable the pornography and remove it from your TV. (ALL HOTELS CAN DO THIS!)
  • If you stay at a hotel that offers pornography, make a complaint. They have to hear from us!
  • Make sure your friends and family are aware of these issues. Encourage their involvement in The Dirty Dozen List.

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