Ashleigh Unsted


Ashleigh was born in England and has lived in the United States for most of her life. She is graduating from Brigham Young University with a BS in Public Health in April 2019. Minoring in International Development, she is interested in the connections between clean water availability, the environment, and family relationships. Ashleigh recognised the link to poverty and global development with sexual exploitation, and she wishes to combat martial and family violence and the international sex trade market.

Articles by Ashleigh Unsted

Why We Need to Talk About Pornography During National Public Health Week

The use of pornography has increased dramatically since the introduction of the Internet. With free, easy access to sexually explicit material across more platforms, pornography now reaches a greater variety of audiences. Now, decades into the Internet age, concerns about the public health impacts of pornography are mounting. This National Public Health Week, we aim…

Issue: Pornography Harms

The Reality of Female Pornography Addiction

Pornography consumption has increased dramatically in recent years. Internet use has expanded the use of pornography due to, in large part, the easy accessibility of explicit material online, decreasing price of pornography, and the ability to discreetly consume explicit material with technologies such as smartphones and tablets.[1] As a result of the increase in pornography…

Issue: Pornography Harms