Avery Gutwein

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Avery Gutwein earned her Bachelor’s of Social Work from Olivet Nazarene University and is now finishing her Master’s of Social Work from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. As an intern at NCOSE, Avery has learned how important cultivating hope and joy is in the workplace. While passionate about fighting for the rights of those who are affected by sexual violence, Avery also enjoys laughing while watching “Parks and Rec” and speaking German.

Articles by Avery Gutwein

Powerful Discussion Tool, “Critical Porn Analysis,” Breaks Down How Porn’s Proliferation Impacts All People

Pornography is not a new issue. However, with the rise of the Internet in the 20th century, obtaining pornography only requires a simple Google search. Sometimes it doesn’t even take any effort at all, as Internet users frequently stumble upon it by accident on social media or with unrelated online searches. The fact of the…

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Issue: Pornography Harms

RESEARCH SUMMARY: “The Rise of the Modern Online Pornography Industry: Descriptions and Implications”

This article summarizes key points made in a presentation by Dr. Jennifer Johnson at the Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit (which can be watched above). The goal of the presentation is to help the listener and leaders in the #EndExploitation movement understand that online pornography is a highly organized industry directed by relatively…


Issue: Pornography Harms