Essen Skabelund

Essen Skabelund is an intern at NCOSE and a senior at Brigham Young University, where she is studying Family Studies and Civic Engagement Leadership. Essen grew up in Virginia with a great appreciation for history and culture. As a student, Essen enjoys rock-climbing, mochi ice cream, academic discussions, and staying up-to-date on current social issues. Essen gained a keen interest in advocating social justice for the sexually exploited while volunteering for 18 months in Japan. She plans to continue working to strengthen individuals and families in their needs and loves working on public health and policy issues at NCOSE.

Articles by Essen Skabelund

Unmasking the Costume Industry’s Pornification of Halloween

[Warning: This Blog Contains Images of Children in Sexualized Costumes] Halloween is a tradition that originated from the Celtic observance of Samhain, when people wore costumes to ward off the spirits said to visit the earth at the start of winter on November 1. Costumes worn over the centuries have ranged from animal skins, to…

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation