Hannah McGuire

Hannah McGuire, Public Policy Intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Having focused her undergraduate studies on issues that disproportionately affect women, Hannah McGuire developed a strong desire to be an advocate for vulnerable people. While studying at BYU, she started as an intern at The Center for Women and Children in Crisis, the local women’s shelter. After a few months, she was hired on as a part-time case manager and was able to assist both women and men in their fight for healing and stability post-domestic violence. She believes it is time that the human race becomes better educated on the effects that pornography, prostitution, rape, child abuse, objectification etc. have on real human beings.

Articles by Hannah McGuire

Healthy or Harmful Children’s Dance: What the Experts Say About Hypersexualization

Dance can be a healthy outlet for children both physically and emotionally, allowing them a fun outlet of expression while improving the condition of their heart, reducing risk of osteoporosis, and educating them in a beautiful art form. In recent decades, however, the culture has seen a dramatic shift away from educational dance. Currently, it’s…

Still image from DA:NCE documentary "Healthy or Harmful Children’s Dance: What the Experts Say About Hypersexualization"

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation