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After working with hispanic communities in Virginia for a year and a half, Lana Lichfield returned to Brigham Young University double majoring in Public Health and Spanish. She is a world traveler; she has explored Asia, climbed the Eiffel Tower, visited the Middle East, and studied in Spain. Through these experiences, she has seen the beauty the world has to offer, but she also has seen the harmful effects of pornography and sex-trafficking both in lands foreign and domestic. Passionate about putting an end to sexual exploitation she now works with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation as NCOSE’s Public Health Intern.

Articles by Lana Lichfield

Sexual Exploitation Knows No Borders, Neither Should Our Efforts to End It – Nigeria Report

The issue of sexual exploitation knows no borders. Consider the case of Nigeria where sex trafficking and exploitation are pervasive throughout the country. Vulnerable populations, most notably young girls, face high risk of sex trafficking as harsh economic struggles in a country where options remain meager push children (and adults) to seek employment opportunities far…

International Centre on Sexual Exploitation

NCOSE Intern Report from the World Without Exploitation 2018 Youth Summit

The sun shined on aspiring young professionals, interns, and activists as they lined up outside the Brooklyn Historical Society on July 18th waiting to #ListentoSurvivors and get their insider perspective on prostitution and ending sexploitation. The Summit was hosted by World Without Exploitation (WorldWE), an organization that passionately encourages debate, dialogue, and finding common ground…

Issue: Sex Trafficking

A Need for Child Safeguarding Policies

In the wake of sex-for-food scandals within Oxfam, the United Nations, and the aid sector generally, as well as the multiple child sexual abuse scandals within the United States Olympic Committee, many youth-serving organizations are asking themselves how they can safeguard the children they seek to serve. Responding to this question, Keeping Children Safe has…

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

“My Life Isn’t Your Porn” – Thousands of Women are Protesting Spycam Pornography

In this era of #MeToo, there is a stream of pornography that exploits the ignorance of its victims: Spycam Porn. Spycams are an increasingly popular form of pornography. Perpetrators use spycams disguised as watches, lighters, or smoke detectors to film and later upload videos of women as they use the toilet, walk the streets, play…

Issue: Objectification

Citizens Organize to Turn Off the Red Light on Prostitution in Nevada

Citizens against Brothels in Nye County (C.A.B.I.N-C),  the No Little Girl campaign, and the End Trafficking and Prostitution (ETAP PAC) have banded together to place referendums on upcoming election ballots to repeal legal prostitution in Nevada’s Nye and Lyon counties. Organizers are working to collect the necessary signatures to submit the referendum to the Nye…

2021 Dirty Dozen List: Nevada

USOC Lawsuit Reflects Tolerance of Sexual Abuse in Sports Culture: What You Can Do to Help

According to a CNN news report, four women have filed a lawsuit against the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and USA Taekwondo alleging that the sexual abuse by USA Taekwondo Team coach Jean Lopez and his gold medalist brother, Steven Lopez, was tantamount to sex trafficking. Rex Sharp, one of the three attorneys pleading the…

olympics sexual abuse sports illustrated

Issue: Objectification