Madeleine Ayers

Madeleine Ayers


Madeleine is a political and strategy intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Maddie moved to Washington, D.C. to pursue a bachelor’s degree in politics at The Catholic University of America. Maddie has focused her studies on American government and law. Her previous experiences working with the Florida legislature have proven helpful in researching for NCOSE and navigating Capitol Hill. In her free time Maddie enjoys exploring new restaurants in the city and visiting museums with her friends. Though Maddie already resides in Washington, D.C., her experience as an intern was still full of new life experiences.

Articles by Madeleine Ayers

Examining the History of Sexual Exploitation and the Fight to Eradicate It

The issue of sexual exploitation in this country is more rampant than ever. For instance, despite the obvious injustice of sex trafficking, generating the needed social change in the public and private sector is difficult. In the fight against sexual exploitation it is important to understand the roots of the cause to better address the…

history of sexual exploitation

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