Marie Coussa

Marie Coussa is a Communications Intern at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology at the Catholic University of America, she hopes to transition into communications and marketing for non-profit organizations upon graduation in 2016.  Marie is passionate about humanitarian efforts and is especially excited to contribute to NCOSE’s work to end an important public health crisis.  When not working on NCOSE’s campaigns, you can find Marie cooking up a storm or trying to pet every dog she sees on the street.

Articles by Marie Coussa

Truckers Against Trafficking: Equipping Truckers to Combat Human Trafficking

Truckers across America are taking a stand in the anti-trafficking movement. Why truckers, you ask? Think of the typical setting in which truckers work and stop on their long routes: remote locations along American roads and highways, as well as truck stop parking lots that sometimes serve as fertile grounds for the sexual exploitation of…

Issue: Prostitution – Bright Light on the Red Light

YouTube Continues Failing to Enforce its Community Guidelines

YouTube, for the second consecutive year, has been included on the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s annual Dirty Dozen List. The popular video-sharing site returns to the annual list for the original reason: failing to eliminate sexually explicit and pornographic content—both softcore and hardcore—in videos posted on its site. While YouTube’s Community Guidelines clearly delineate…

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

Sexual Assault on College Campuses—When Higher Education Reaches New Lows

It seems that the life of a typical American college student today presents more risks now than ever. While tales of hazing or illegal drug use remain eminent issues among students, the concern of sexual assault and misconduct continuously emerges to the forefront of the discourse on campuses across the country. In a national survey…

Issue: College