Meghan Hart

Communications Intern

Meghan Hart is wrapping up her undergraduate degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University with an internship at NCOSE.  At BYU, she focused on social issues as well as communications. In the future, she plans to pursue a career in research-driven social change. A Salt Lake City native, Meghan loves writing, running, and taquitos.

Articles by Meghan Hart

In Our Backyard Tackles Sex Trafficking Demand at SB 52

The anti-human trafficking non-profit, In Our Backyard (IOB) conducted a ten-day advocacy blitz surrounding Super Bowl LII and compiled a comprehensive report detailing their efforts to combat sex trafficking. Working with law enforcement, local leaders, convenience store owners, and generous volunteers, IOB provided viable leads to law enforcement who arrested 94 sex buyers and recovered…

Issue: Sex Trafficking

The Reason The Military’s Revenge Porn Problem Hasn’t Gone Away

Perhaps predictably, the military has yet to adequately address their sexual harassment epidemic. In the spring of 2017, Congress passed a law outlawing the “nonconsensual” posting of intimate photos online by anyone affiliated with the U.S. Military. This action followed March 2017 news of an image-based sexual abuse scandal—referred to popularly as “Marines United”— involving…

Issue: Military

First Ever Rescue Innocence Project Gala: Tackling Child Sexual Exploitation

Thank you for your support Alabama! We are elated at the advocacy efforts and encouragement from our friends in Birmingham, as we kick off our first ever Rescue Innocence Project Gala Thursday night and work to combat child sexual exploitation. National Center on Sexual Exploitation President Patrick A. Trueman and Board Member Melea Stephens are in Birmingham…

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

HBO is Normalizing Rape Culture

HBO has a long history of putting gritty, intense stories to the screen. What they don’t realize is that stories that come out of the pornography industry and prostitution are more than gritty and intense. Such stories are evidence of the devastating experiences to which the industry exposes prostituted persons. HBO uses pornography and prostitution…

2019 Dirty Dozen_HBO

Stop Netflix from Glamorizing the Sex Trafficking of Teenage Girls

If you’ve been following us on social media, you may have seen a couple of posts regarding Netflix. Though the site streams several shows with mature content, one show intended to entertain its Italian market is especially egregious. Based loosely on the account of the “Baby Squillo scandal,” the show titled “Baby” follows a group…

2021 Dirty Dozen List: Netflix

Twitter Plans to Enforce Content Rules, Here’s Where They Should Start

In December of last year, Twitter announced it would be enforcing its rules about violent and inappropriate content. The site now intends to block what the platform terms “hateful content” as well as content that is degrading or abusive. Twitter’s attempt to make users feel more safe in light of growing online extremism is an…

End Exploitation on Twitter

2021 Dirty Dozen List: Twitter