Savanah Lawrence

Legal Fellow, NCOSE Law Center

Savanah Lawrence joined the NCOSE team as a Legal Fellow from Brigham Young University in March 2016. Savanah has a passion for social justice and is particularly concerned about the issues revolving around the family. Savanah shares NCOSE’s passion for fighting against pornography because she recognizes how pornography destroys the family by weakening marital bonds, and ostracizing children from their parents.

Savanah’s passion for social justice led her to attend law school at the J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University. After her first year of law school, Savanah traveled to Uganda as a summer intern to combat sex crimes against women, promulgated by Uganda’s discriminatory intestacy laws. In her second year, Savanah worked as a family law research assistant for Professor Lynn Wardle, regarding family law issues. She also volunteered at the Provo Family Justice Center, where she helped indigent domestic violence victims.

Prior to law school, Savanah attended Brigham Young University for her undergrad. Savanah has travelled extensively throughout both the United States and the world. She participated in a study abroad in Jerusalem, where she also traveled to Egypt and Jordan. Savanah has traveled to several countries in Europe, and she spent a year and a half in South Korea as a service missionary, where she learned to read and speak the Korean language.

Articles by Savanah Lawrence

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