Shametrius Long


Shametrius obtained a BA in History from Georgia Southern University in 2014 and is currently persuing a Master’s in Social Work from The University of Alabama. Prior to her internship with NCOSE, she worked with survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking. She feels called to fight for the rights of women fleeing violence. She loves traveling, reading, and spending time with her family.

Articles by Shametrius Long

R. Kelly’s Historic Pattern of Sexual Assault and Underage Girls

Today, news outlets report “R. Kelly’s accusers are giving testimony to a federal grand jury … alleging the disgraced singer went to great lengths to traffic underage girls for his sexual desires…numerous witnesses testified before the grand jury Wednesday, claiming Kelly’s team secured travel at the singer’s direction to move them across state lines for…

r kelly

Issue: Sexual Violence

Disturbing Trend of Deep-fake Porn Rises

A disturbing trend is now affecting many women all over the world. American actress, Scarlett Johansson, is just one example among many women who is a victim of what is being called deep-fake pornography. Deep-fake pornography is a form of image-based sexual assault that uses facial images of women and places them onto someone else’s…

Issue: Pornography Harms

An Inside Look at Men Who Buy People for Sex

Most of the research conducted about prostitution and sex trafficking has been done on the supply side (i.e., the prostituted persons), while relatively little has been done to examine the demand side, (i.e., the individuals who have previously or who currently purchase people for sex). Recently, however, Demand Abolition conducted extensive research and analysis on…

Issue: Prostitution – Bright Light on the Red Light