Tiffany Powell


Tiffany Powell is a senior at Brigham Young University studying Public Health with an emphasis in promotion. She is hoping to pursue a masters degree in Physicians Assistant Studies. She hopes to combine her aspirations by focusing on women’s and children’s health and continuing to work with advocacy groups of the same nature. Advocating for vulnerable populations has always been a passion of hers that she hopes to involve in all areas of her life. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, skiing and visiting museums.

Articles by Tiffany Powell

Porn Addiction Led Teen to Become a Registered Sex Offender Before His First Kiss

A registered sex offender before his first kiss. While this might sound impossible, this is sadly the case for “Jamie,” a thirteen-year-old boy found in possession of child pornography via a police raid. Jamie’s parents were completely unaware of their son’s escalating pornography addiction over the previous three years. What had begun as friends showing…

Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

The Oxymoron of Ethical Porn

As porn use and production become more rampant than ever, so do the justifications of the exploitative behavior. A new wave of so-called “ethical” porn has emerged to ease the consciences of the porn viewing community. Liz Walker has written an analysis of the many fallacies this theory poses. First, there is the question of self-created porn….

2021 Dirty Dozen List: Visa – Watch List

Institutions of Higher Violence: The Influence of Pornography on College Sexual Assault

1 in 5 women and 1 in 16 men are raped or sexually assaulted while in college. Out of an average community college class of 25-35 students that is 5-7 women and 1-2 men approximately, making sexual assault more prevalent than other crimes on college campuses. Looking around a classroom it is highly unlikely there…

Issue: College

How to Spot Sex Trafficking; Super Bowl Sunday and Beyond

As the Super Bowl rolls around again, it brings to mind images of parties, food, family and most importantly football. However, for the many victims of sex trafficking large sporting events represent a much grimmer reality. The large influx of potential commercial sex buyers into a small region interacting with the pervasive attitudes of reckless…

Issue: Prostitution – Bright Light on the Red Light

Starbucks Will Begin Filtering Pornography from WiFi

In 2016 NCOSE and ally organization, Enough is Enough, began working with major franchises, including McDonalds and Starbucks, to filter their Wi-Fi in all US locations. Enough is Enough is a non-profit, non-partisan organization focused on making “the Internet Safer for Children and Families.” As allies, we share the common goal of protecting all from…

2019 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER