Planned Giving: Gift Types

Note: Morality In Media, established in 1962, changed it’s name to National Center on Sexual Exploitation, in early 2015 to better describe the scope and mission to expose the seamless connection between all forms of sexual exploitation. Legal documents and donations can name either Morality In Media or National Center on Sexual Exploitation.

There are only three places where you can distribute your assets or income: family, charity, and the government. That means it is very important to plan ahead. Wise planning may offer many ways for you to support your family, enjoy significant tax savings, or even a secured monthly income, while helping to preserve the right for people to freely live out their faith for generations to come.

Click on the links below to read a brief overview of the most common types of planned gifts for your consideration.

A Gift in Your Will or Trust

Charitable bequests describe anything you leave to Morality In Media in your estate plan through a Will or Trust. (Your “estate” is any property, money, or personal assets you have at the time of your death.) These are among the most important gifts you can make to support the future of our children. You can make arrangements in your estate plan to leave Morality In Media a percentage of your estate or a specific dollar amount. Making such a gift for the future allows you to maximize the use of your assets during your life and may reduce estate taxes for your family. To find out how to include a gift for Morality In Media in your Will or Trust, please click here.

Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a contract between you and a charitable organization. In return for your gift, the charity agrees to pay you (and another annuitant if you choose one) a fixed amount – based on your age(s) – for the rest of your life. The benefits of a charitable gift annuity are that it allows you to provide an immediate gift to Morality In Media, make a one-time gift, receive a charitable tax deduction, and receive a fixed amount of income for your lifetime.

Retirement Plans

For many, retirement assets are a significant part of their estate. These assets are an excellent source of charitable gifts. When one names Morality In Media as a beneficiary of a retirement plan, Morality In Media receives the full amount of the gift, as we are exempt from income tax. Also, the estate will have no tax liability for any retirement assets that are passed on to Morality In Media.

Appreciated Assets

Giving appreciated assets – like individual stocks or mutual funds – is a great alternative to giving cash. When you give appreciated assets, you receive two tax benefits: a charitable deduction from taxable income, and you will avoid capital gains tax. Instructions on how to donate stocks or mutual funds can be found here.

Non-Cash Assets

These are sometimes referred to as “gifts-in-kind.” These types of assets make great gifts and are very useful to supporting the work of Morality In Media. These assets include real estate, vehicles, jewelry, collectibles, equipment, airplanes, business inventory, etc. A gift of these types of assets generally results in a charitable tax deduction of its fair market value.

Life Insurance Policies

A gift of a life insurance policy may allow you to do more to protect against pornography than you ever thought possible. By gifting the policy to Morality In Media, or naming Morality In Media as a beneficiary, you can have a significant impact on the futures of your children and grandchildren.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A charitable remainder trust may be a great way for you to balance your giving and income goals. It allows you to transfer assets into a trust from which you, or someone you designate, will receive an annual income for a set period of time. At the end of the trust, the remainder is given to Morality In Media. A charitable remainder trust may allow you to avoid taxes on the sale of assets as well as give you an immediate tax deduction.

Charitable Lead Trusts

You may be able to balance your giving and inheritance goals with a charitable lead trust. This tool allows you to transfer your assets to a trust fund that will make donations to Morality In Media for a fixed period of time. At the end of the trust, the remaining balance is passed back to you or another family member. A charitable lead trust is particularly helpful if you want to save taxes on the assets you pass to your heirs.



Note: This section provides general financial information, not specific financial advice. The material contained in this section does not create or imply an advisor-client relationship with Morality In Media, Inc., or any of its attorneys or allies. For specific questions, consult a qualified financial and/or legal advisor.

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