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Previous Success with Hotels

There have already been numerous victories for human dignity in the hotel industry through the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s No Vacancy for Exploitation campaign.  As a result of efforts by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, Hilton Worldwide, InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) – which includes brands such as Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn, Candlewood & more…

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On-Demand Pornography

TRIGGER WARNING: hypersexualized images and video titles below. Below are examples of on-demand pornography that Wyndham brands have sold in guest rooms, including those featuring themes of incest, teens, and sexual violence.

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Sex Trafficking Cases

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division. Co-counsel are Kim Adams (Levin Papantonio), Christopher Paulos (Levin Papantonio), Kathryn Avila (Levin Papantonio), and Eric Bauer.  The plaintiff, B.M., was 16 years old when her trafficking began at the Defendant…

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Wyndham’s Business Principles

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts list the below Business Principles which outline that they do not allow sex trafficking. Unfortunately, these principles have not been put into practice across all of their hotels as evidenced by recent cases of sex trafficking. …Protecting Human Rights Wyndham Hotels & Resorts does not tolerate or permit modern slavery, human…

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MYTH: Sex Buyers Are Not In My Community, And They Are Easy To Spot As “Criminals” or “Creeps”

FACT: There are likely sex buyers in your community, and they tend to blend in with everyone else. Because buying sex is illegal in most of the country it is difficult to gather robust research on their identities, but there have been several useful studies that help shed light on this population. According to one…

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Myth: Sex Buying Doesn’t Fuel Sex Trafficking

FACT: When there is a buyer, there is an incentive for so-called “entrepreneurs”—pimps and sex traffickers—to provide a “product” (i.e. real men, women, and children) through sex trafficking. A 2013 study of 150 countries from the London School of Economics found that wherever prostitution was legal, sex-trafficking tended to increase, not decrease. Why? Because once something…

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Myth: Sex Buying Isn’t Connected to #MeToo Sexual Harassment/Assault, Pornography, or Strip Clubs

FACT: Sex buying behavior cannot be isolated from the larger cultural context of male sexual entitlement that fuels sexual harassment and assault as highlighted by #MeToo, along with strip club attendance, pornography use, and other forms of commercial sexual exploitation. One study found that “sex buyers were more likely than men who did not buy…

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MYTH: Sex Buyers Are Harmless Customers Getting A Service, Nobody’s Hurt By It

FACT: Purchasing sex is ultimately an act of sexual entitlement—just like so many other forms of sexual exploitation. Reams of studies recognize the pervasive violence found in prostitution, across prostitution types and locations—whether one is a male or a female, whether one is prostituting in America or a third world country, indoors or outdoors, for…

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MYTH: Prostitution Is Just Work

FACT: Sexual exploitation is nobody’s ‘job.’ Several years ago the advocacy group Women Hurt in Systems of Prostitution (WHISPER) developed a powerful tool that communicated the extent of the harms experienced by persons in prostitution. Just what was this tool? Answer: a “job” description. Few things undermine the myth of “sex work” like a detailed…

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Youth with Problematic or Illegal Sexual Behavior – KEY RESOURCES

National Center for the Sexual Behavior of Youth The National Center on the Sexual Behavior of Youth (NCSBY) is a part of the Center on Child Abuse and Neglect (CCAN) in the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences. The mission of NCSBY is to promote better lives, through better choices by youth,…

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