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2017 Dirty Dozen: American Library Association


Proof of Harm in Schools & Libraries

Video Proof This is a playlist of videos uploaded by library patrons, most made by teens, who have caught other patrons viewing pornography at their local libraries. After talking with many librarians, looking at the news articles that pop up in “Google Alerts” daily on this topic, and just a quick perusal of YouTube –…



Part of the Problem: American Library Association

Please see our webpage about the ALA and their opposition to safety measures at libraries.   Below are quotes from leaders of the American Library Association regarding filters and child safety at public libraries: Comments made by Judith Krug, former President, American Library Association: “You should have access to ideas and information regardless of your…


online databases

Do Online Databases Filter Out Enough Inappropriate Material?

EDUCATION WEEK A recent dispute over an electronic database used in thousands of schools in the U.S. is a reminder of the precarious balance between access and censorship—especially now that more teachers and schools are using primary sources and online materials to supplement or replace textbooks. The dispute centers on EBSCO, an online databases and resources…


Libraries: A Safe Haven for Children to Learn, or a Safe Haven for Sex Offenders Wanting to View Child Porn?

You might be surprised to find the American Library Association (ALA) on our Dirty Dozen List. You might even be wondering: “how does the ALA ‘contribute significantly to the normalization of pornography?’” If you’re anything like me, you’re imagining a stereotypical library—including a stern librarian who keeps a careful eye over all her precious books…