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2021 Dirty Dozen List: Amazon

Podcast: How Sexual Exploitation is Facilitated by Google Chromebooks, Amazon, OnlyFans, and More

Did you know that mainstream companies you interact with every day may be facilitating sexual exploitation, or leaving children vulnerable to abuse or graphic content?  During this episode of the Ending Sexploitation podcast, Haley McNamara interviews Lina Nealon, Director of Corporate and Strategic Initiatives at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation.  They discuss mainstream corporations…


Amazon Hires “Intimacy Coordinator” and Hints at “Partial or Full Nudity” for Upcoming Tolkien Series

In 2017, Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos mandated a programming shift at Amazon Studios: Bring me “Game of Thrones.” They have moved towards just that. One reason Amazon is on our annual Dirty Dozen List is for their growing trend of inserting gratuitous scenes of nudity and sexual violence in their Amazon Original content (and then the long trend…


Amazon’s Twitch Rife with Sexual Harassment, Predatory Grooming, Child Sexual Abuse

Twitch, an online platform used for livestreaming, is Amazon’s attempt to capitalize on the booming popularity of the video game community. Purchased in 2014 by Amazon, Twitch boasts a massive following of creators who livestream content—mostly comprised of gamers, but can range from activities like music, painting, and even a “Just Chatting” category which features…


Ongoing Improvements to Amazon Kids+

Amazon introduced Amazon FreeTime in 2012 as a way to give caregivers more authority of what content youth were seeing on Amazon’s Kindle. It has expanded over the years adding more robust parental control features and working with more and more Amazon devices. It also curates content that is supposed to be age-appropriate for 3-12…

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open letter sex dolls

Amazon ceases selling full body sex dolls

Amazon now only sells half body or torso-only sex dolls.

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Finally, Parental Controls for Prime Video

We thank Amazon Prime Video for finally giving parents some control about what kind of media their young children are exposed to on its platform.

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