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2015 Dirty Dozen: American Apparel


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‘Fuelling Lolita fantasies and rampant sexism’: American Apparel accused of ‘resorting to underage porn’ to sell its ‘Back to School’ range of miniskirts (The Daily Mail)

‘It’s something we find abhorrent. It’s about using underage pornography to sell products and the sexualisation of children, which cannot ever be justified.


ACTION: Stop American Apparel’s porn ads

Dov Charney has been removed as American Apparel’s CEO over reports of sexual harassment and exploitation of his fellow employees. This hyper-sexual attitude is reflected in their advertising campaigns. We hope this comes as a wake-up call to the company.


American Apparel: Time to change your sexually exploitive ways

In light of the recent removal of American Apparel CEO Dov Charney for sexual harassment and other misconduct, we urge the company to re-examine its advertising techniques and brand identity.



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