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Talking Points: Impact on the Brain


RESEARCH: Impact of Pornography on the Brain

The Research Is In: Since 2011, there have been 26 major studies which reveal pornography use has negative and detrimental impacts on the brain.[i]   Shrinks Brain: A 2014 study of the brain scans of 64 pornography users found that increased pornography use (i.e. pornography dosage) is linked to decreased brain matter in the areas…

Talking Point

The Porn Phenomenon and Why You Should Care – Groundbreaking Research

The numbers are in, and one thing is clear: the phenomenon of porn use poses an unprecedented public health crisis in American society. The groundbreaking new study, “The Porn Phenomenon,”  just released several key findings which underscore the necessity of addressing pornography on a large scale. This survey reports that more than a quarter of young…


This 12 Year Old Boy Is Speaking Out About the Danger of Porn Addiction

Canadian TV show, W5, recently ran a story on today’s hardcore internet porn and its potential impact on children. And it’s primary interviewee was 12 years old. This young boy, Joseph, was first exposed to internet porn at the age of nine. Pornographic pop-ups on gaming websites, and the easy ability to find more images…