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STATEMENT – Pornhub’s Free Porn Offer to Italy Will Only Lead to Increased Child Exploitation, Sex Trafficking, Says National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Washington, DC (March 13, 2020) – The National Center on Sexual Exploitation condemned Pornhub’s offer to give Italian residents free access to its premium hardcore pornography content — which includes themes of incest, child/teen sexual abuse, and extreme violence — in response to the country’s battle with SARS-CoV-2. “At the same time a U.S. Senator…


Patrick Trueman and Michael Shively before the National Center's Demand Reduction Meeting with the Domestic Policy Council of the United States

The National Center’s Demand Reduction Meeting with the U.S. Domestic Policy Council

Staff members from the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, including president and CEO Patrick Trueman and Michael Shively, Ph.D. (both pictured above), were able to spend time with the Domestic Policy Council of the United States this week in order to educate them on the importance of demand reduction in the fight against sexual exploitation….


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One News Now: Trafficking market restrained for now

Originally published at By Charlie Butts Despite the Council of the District of Columbia’s latest lack of action, an advocate against sexual exploitation says the legalization of trafficking women and children is an effort that hasn’t died. The council was considering a measure to decriminalize trafficking, but Charles Allen, who is chair of the…


Sexual Exploitation Survivors, Advocates Call on NFL to Banish Robert Kraft from Team Ownership

Survivors of sexual exploitation are appealing to the National Football League (NFL), following the arrest of Patriot’s owner, Robert Kraft, for allegedly purchasing women at an illicit massage parlor/spa in Florida last month. In advance of the NFLs Annual League Meeting taking place March 24-27 in Phoenix, Arizona, 19 survivors and/or survivor-led organizations, along with…


The Robert Kraft story the news is ignoring…

Men like Robert Kraft are the reason prostitution and sex trafficking exist. The owner of New England Patriots, and recent Super Bowl champion, is being charged with two counts of soliciting prostitution. The charge, which only classifies as a misdemeanor, will likely amount to nothing more than a slap on the wrist for Kraft. But…


New Report on Sex Buyers Has Policy Implications

New Report on Sex Buyers Reveals Motives, Frequency, and Policy Implications Statement by Dawn Hawkins, Senior Vice President and Executive Director, NCOSE   Washington, DC – Demand Abolition, a nonprofit dedicated to eradicating the illegal commercial sex industry in the U.S. and abroad, released a new report this week entitled “Who Buys Sex? Understanding and Disrupting Illicit…


An Inside Look at Men Who Buy People for Sex

Most of the research conducted about prostitution and sex trafficking has been done on the supply side (i.e., the prostituted persons), while relatively little has been done to examine the demand side, (i.e., the individuals who have previously or who currently purchase people for sex). Recently, however, Demand Abolition conducted extensive research and analysis on…