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Issue: Pornography Harms

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

RESEARCH: Impact of Pornography on Females

Negative Body Image and Pressure to Perform Pornographic Acts: As a result of viewing pornography, women reported lowered body image, criticism from their partners regarding their bodies, increased pressure to perform acts seen in pornographic films, and less actual sex. Men reported being more critical of their partner’s body and less interested in actual sex.[i] […]

Project_Public Health Crisis of Pornography

RESEARCH: Impact of Pornography on Males

Lower Sexual Satisfaction and Sexual Dysfunction: A 2015 study of online sexual activities among males found 20.3% reported that “one motive for their porn use was to maintain arousal with their partner.” It also found that pornography use was linked to higher sexual desire, but lower overall sexual satisfaction, and lower erectile function.[i] Other research […]

Project_Public Health Crisis of Pornography

RESEARCH: Impact of Porn on Sexually Transmitted Diseases

  Pornography and STI’s: Pornography use among adult males in America is associated with increased engagement in sexual behaviors that increase the risk of STIs. Internet pornography consumption has been positively associated with having sex with multiple partners, engaging in paid sex, and having had extramarital sex.[i]   Increased STI’s Among Adolescent Minority Females: Exposure […]

Project_Public Health Crisis of Pornography

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