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2021 Dirty Dozen List: OnlyFans


OnlyFans and Prostitution – How It Harms

It is an accepted fact, supported by survivor testimony, that pornographic pictures and videos are used to advertise for both sex trafficking and prostitution victims. (Law enforcement is finding that many sex trafficking victims and child sexual abuse imagery (i.e. child pornography) victims are coerced into creating live stream or webcam pornography as well.) So…



Left with Little Money, Pushed to Degrading Acts, Exposed to Risks

“Content Creators” Left with Little Money, Pushed to Perform Degrading Acts, and Exposed to Threats and Stalking  Many of the “content creators” on OnlyFans are those struggling to make ends meet, worrying about paying bills and being able to feed their families. This has been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic with millions of people out…



Examples of Sex Trafficking, Pimps, and Children on OnlyFans

A survivor of OnlyFans has publicly noted: “There are tons of “promoters” and “managers” (online pimps) who actively prey upon new girls (the younger the better). They usually approach the model on Twitter and groom her so that she will agree to let them help “manage” her online presence in exchange for a cut. People are…