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NCOSE 2018 Impact Report: The Fall of Online Trafficking Titan Backpage; Walmart Removes Cosmo; Comcast Safer for Kids; And More!

2018 was our most successful year to date, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Whether your support was financial, taking actions through our website, praying for our movement, sharing our social media posts, or simply telling your friend about the issue of sexual exploitation, you helped make 2018 the strongest year for our organization…


“So Many People Are Supporting The Cause” – Elle’s Story

Elle is a grassroots supporter of the movement to defend dignity and to end sexual exploitation. She recently contacted the National Center on Sexual Exploitation to share her story, and how attending  NCOSE’s Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Summit impacted her activism. Elle’s Story: I wrote a paper about pornography while I was in college,…


Personal Story: John

Read a personal testimony from John, a man who wrestled with porn and found love from Jesus Christ in his exploration of breaking free from this addiction.


Personal Story: David

I was addicted to porn for 37 years and by the grace of God the chains were broke at the age of 44. At the age of 7 I looked at a pornography magazine for the first time on 9th street in Boca Raton, Florida. Kids from the neighborhood had found the magazines from their father’s…



Morality in Media Joined by Other Religious Groups to Pray Against Effects of Pornography

Morality in Media was joined by numerous other religious organizations in hosting a “National Day of Prayer to Strengthen the Fight against Pornography and Sexual Exploitation”


How A Woman Set Me Free From Porn

It was about five and a half years ago.  I sat on the couch looking at my wife.  I had something to tell her.  I felt as if there was a war going on inside of me.  I would almost vocalize when every involuntary protective measure retaliated, full-force, to stop me.  It was awful.


The addiction has had a frighteningly intense “death grip” on me at times

The addiction feels nearly-unbreakable… it has had a frighteningly intense “death grip” on me at times. During my early teen years it caused me to primarily focus on seeking physical intimacy much more so than deep friendships … which of course led to some disheartening results. Thankfully for repeated forgiveness and help via Jesus and people who follow him,…


Addiction started when I got a MySpace account

First saw it at age 11. Addiction started when I got a MySpace account – age 15. I got friends who I started to look at it with. Masturbation started when I was looking at it for such an extended amount of time that I just….climaxed. The feeling was very…addictive. And then everything went downhill….