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Addicted since age 6, went to jail

I was first introduced to pornography when I was 6 years old. I was over at my grandparents house and my uncle still lived at home with them. He had a massive porn stash and viewed it all day long. He shared it with my brother and me when my older brother first started asking about girls. He…


I’m a girl and got hooked when I was 10

If I could attach the 20 page story/memoir I have that explains this in great detail, I would love to, however, I know that it won’t fit into this little box provided here. Long story short; I am a 19 year old female that started looking up pornography at 10-11 years old and finally conquered…



VIDEO: John Wolf Testimony

Testimony from a man with a 20 year struggle with porn. John Wolf Testimony from Frontline Church on Vimeo.


My personal story of addiction starting at 15 years old

I was 15 years old when I learned what sex was. I saw a student in class masturbating and I was thinking, “What in the world was this person doing and why is no one else saying anything?” When I had my first experience of masturbating I remember I had such shame I didn’t know…


I Still Fight for Him

By Robin W. This was shared in the Blazing Grace Newsletter here: Robin’s new website is This month, I should have celebrated my fifth wedding anniversary, but, my marriage was destroyed by my husband’s love affair with porn. Not physical adultery, “just porn.” I am now single and dealing with the healing process. My…


Donny’s Story: I am a former porn producer

“Yes, I was a porn producer for 9 years, contracting with Playboy and a group of other well known companies.  Yes, I have become a Christian.  And yes, I now speak publicly about what goes on behind the scenes here on this blog as well as at numerous Churches and Universities (including Yale University –…


“Ms. Garcia” – Testimony before Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography, 1985

Ms. Garcia, director to maintain positive image of Playboy magazine, testified on behalf of the Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.  Ms. Garcia shared the truth about the ramifications once the young girl signs a contract with Playboy magazine.  The contract does not provide any indication of the type of photographs that they will be posing. …


Zero Porn: Testimony to Prayer

I grew up in a family that always looked really great on the outside but no one from the outside can really completely know that which goes on behind closed doors and in the hearts of those in the family unit. I loved my father, but the man had issues that offected me for a…