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Youth Movement Rises Against Snapchat, organizes #DeleteSnapchatDay

The Next Generation is Standing up Against Pornography and Snapchat June 1st was  National Delete Snapchat Day!! A social movement that is fighting pornography and opposing social media platforms that contain pornographic materials pronounced June 1st, National Delete Snapchat Day. Their efforts gained steam, with many young people speaking up on social media and sharing…


porn performer testimony

This Former Porn Performer Escaped the Industry And Now She’s Sharing Her Story

This was originally posted on We have Jan Meza’s permission to post here as well. I lay there covered in liquids, saliva and sweat from twenty five different men. Disgusted, sore, defiled and void of all emotions, a part of me died that day; my soul was shredded and separated among the twenty five men…


First Waver: Barbara Hattemer

One woman was able to stop a major pornographer in his tracks. Barbara Hattemer‘s story shows how practical, community-based efforts to defend dignity can produce inspiring results. Barbara founded a Florida chapter of Morality In Media (NCOSE’s previous name) in Naples during the early 1980s. She worked to make sure a strict city ordinance was…


First Waver: Dr. James Dobson

The man who declared that, “Pornography is a winnable war.” For decades, James Dobson, PhD, the founder of Focus on the Family, has been a leading, many would say, “the leading,” advocate for the family in America. Presciently, he saw the influence that pornography had on family life and warned more than three decades ago…


porn in libraries

Ever since I first saw porn at the library, I sought it out

Ever since I first saw pornography at the library, I sought it out. My parents tried everything they could to prevent my access, but I always found a way. I watched it habitually until I got married and then I tried to quit. I found myself watching again and when my wife found out, even though I saw…


son watching pornography

When the Walls Come Tumbling Down: Porn and A Parent’s Grief

Sometimes you don’t see or recognize the signs of pornography use in your child (or in my case, my grandchildren) until the walls of a family unit and a child’s life come crashing down around them.


my partner watches porn

My Partner Struggled With Pornography – Excerpt from “Big Porn, Inc.”

Excerpt from the book Big Porn, Inc, edited by Abigail Bray and Melinda Tankard Reist. (Learn more about the book here.) I’m anxious about writing this. Anxious that although I know rationally there is no way you can know who I am, I am still afraid. In one sense you will know me. I’m the…


Exposed to Pornified Content in a Videogame, Now She’s Speaking Up

Personal testimony submitted to NCOSE to be shared. I would like to share my story with pornography and how easily I stumbled into it as a child in the hopes that it can help people see why children should be protected from the dangers of pornography.  I was reminded of my experience when I was…


love abuse child

I did not believe I could be lovable because of pornography and abuse

Pornography was always something insidious in my family, done behind closed doors, hidden and shameful which all added into the insidious part of the child abuse that went with it. Three years later the pornography became far worse as I was ‘introduced’ to ‘friends.’ It was terrible and sustained until puberty when it stopped, or…


Sexual Exploitation: The Story of Two Boys

This is the story of two boys – one named Tim and the other, “Charlotte.” TIM Tim, from the UK, got addicted to internet porn at a young age. He contacted me on our Facebook page three years ago and just said, “HELP! I am addicted to pornography; my life is ruined and I tried…