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2021 Dirty Dozen List: Reddit


Normalized Incest

Reddit hosts hundreds of subreddits that normalize incest. This comes in the comments of many posts, as well as in a number of pornography and written pornography-themed subreddits.



Child Sexual Abuse Material

New York Times Article,”The Children of Pornhub” Nick Kristof states,  “The problem goes far beyond one company. Indeed, a rival of Pornhub, XVideos, which arguably has even fewer scruples, may attract more visitors. Depictions of child abuse also appear on mainstream sites like Twitter, Reddit and Facebook. And Google supports the business models of companies…



Non-consensually Recorded and/or Shared

Many subreddits are dedicated to posting stolen content from other platforms and sharing on Reddit without the consent of the individuals in the material.  NCOSE researchers found at least 50 of these subreddits in January 2021. Screenshots of non-consensually Shared content being leaked on Reddit: Here are two examples, but NCOSE researchers easily found 100…



Pornography & Prostitution Abound

NCOSE researchers easily found hundreds of pornography and prostitution subreddits. Frequently, the posts encouraged people to pay money for more images or to arrange to meet in person. There is no doubt that child sexual abuse material abounds in these subreddits or that images of sex trafficked persons are included. This subreddit is supposed to…



News Articles

    “Reddit is a haven for kinky people who’ve struggled to escape real-life discrimination and online censorship” Article Reddit is home to hundreds of NSFW and sexual kink communities that allow users to share experiences, ask for advice, and meet like-minded people in a non-judgmental space. As Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have shut down…



Reddit Policies

The Reddit User agreement says nothing about explicit or adult content Reddit does prohibit “sexual or suggestive content involving minors,” but only enforces the rule by threatening to ban Reddit communities, adding restrictions, or removing content.