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Parental Controls for the Steam PC Video Game Platform: Family View

Steam is a very popular, free gaming platform that you download onto your PC and allows you to buy and download games onto your computer. From the latest figures from January 2018, Steam has 18.5 million simultaneous users at peak time. That is a massive number of users, including adults and kids. Steam offers a […]

2018 Dirty Dozen List: Steam

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Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

Issue: Sexual Violence

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Issue: Child Sexual Exploitation

Join the Back to School Campaign for Porn-Free Schools

As children head back to school this fall, all of us want to be assured our kids will be in safe environments, right? None of us would want our children introduced to addictive substances like cigarettes or drugs in school, and the same goes for sexually exploitative materials. Yet, children across the nation, in both […]

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2018 Dirty Dozen List: EBSCO

2017 Dirty Dozen List – MASTER

SAFETY TIP – Apple’s Guided Access

Like most moms of toddlers, I have discovered that handing my busy or nearly melting down three-year-old my phone for a few minutes can be a total lifesaver when in a pinch. But, I also realize that there are an untold number of dangers when handing it to him with no restrictions. Somehow, instinctively, he knows […]


What you should know about popular app

Thanks to our friends at Protect Young Minds for making us aware of the dangers of the super popular (and pretty fun) app, This lip-syncing app has become very popular among preteens and teens. But, as with all social media, it comes with its share of dangers. DANGER #1 on Musically: It is common to […]


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