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HOW-TO GUIDE: Turning on Google’s SafeSearch and Restricted Mode

Without a third-party filter or at least utilizing built-in search features like Google’s SafeSearch mode, kids searching innocently on the Internet to better understand the world around them, will be exposed to hardcore pornographic images. A search of the term “sex” in Google Images yields hundreds of thousands of hardcore pornography images, depicting sex acts…



Families of Children Victimized, Families of Youth Who’ve Caused Harm & Families of Adults Who Have Sexually Offended

While may be tempting to think of treatment for youth who commit offenses as totally separate from treatment for those victimized, some families have both those who did the harm and those harmed. Imagine the added challenges for parents and caregivers when attempting to understand and to meet the needs of both. ATSA (Association for…

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Tech Solutions: Filtering, Accountability, & Parental Controls

Almost all systems and platforms have some sort of built-in parental controls that we encourage you to turn on. For example: iPhone or Android restrictions, using Safe Search on Google, parental controls on videogame systems, restricting mature rated content through your cable/satellite provider, etc. Learn about the built-in protective measures provided by many of the…

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my partner watches porn

My Partner Struggled With Pornography – Excerpt from “Big Porn, Inc.”

Excerpt from the book Big Porn, Inc, edited by Abigail Bray and Melinda Tankard Reist. (Learn more about the book here.) I’m anxious about writing this. Anxious that although I know rationally there is no way you can know who I am, I am still afraid. In one sense you will know me. I’m the…