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2016 Dirty Dozen: Sexpresso Cafes

Sexploitation-Free Coffee Shops to Check Out

A 2ND CUP A nonprofit coffee shop, A 2nd Cup (Houston, Texas) has two purposes: to serve great coffee and bring awareness and support to victims of sex trafficking. The shop brings awareness by connecting customers to information on the issue of human trafficking and connecting people with opportunities to volunteer with local anti-trafficking…



News Reports About Activities Taking Place

Prostitution and Full Nudity: Sexpresso Café News Articles 2016 “Scantily-clad ‘bikini baristas’ in Washington spark state battle” January 18, 2016 In Washington State there is a movement to crack down on scantily-clad servers and drive-through coffee shops. A Spokane City Councilman is part of efforts to mandate just how much clothing should be worn by…



Comments from Male Customers

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Sexpresso Cafés: Where Men Can Sexually Harass Women in Peace

Most work places require basic codes of conduct, such as protecting employees from sexual harassment. But then some, like Sexpresso Cafés, accept and facilitate the jeers, leering, name calling, and lewd behavior routinely experienced by their staff. Sexpresso Cafés are drive-thru coffee stands that employ the marketing tactic of requiring employees to wear pasties, thongs,…


Would You Like A Side of Exploitation With Your Coffee?

Sexpresso Cafés, also known as Bikini Baristas or Bareistas, are coffee stands where women in hyper-sexualized bikinis and lingerie serve hot beverages. This promotional trend began in the early 2000’s in Seattle, and it quickly spread to other states, such as North Carolina, Colorado, Maryland, Texas, and more. Pornified culture is personified in these isolated…


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